What is CX? It stands for Customer Experience.

It’s what your customers go through when buying from or working with you.

. . .How you make them feel.

. . .How your products or services help them.

. . .And how you follow up afterwards.

CX even encompasses your customer’s experience when seeing, hearing, or interacting with your marketing – such as online ads, brand reviews, or viewing your website.

You want your customers to buy from you, but you also want them to trust, respect, and support you. The way to do that is through great management of your CX.

So let’s break down what CX really is and where it happens.

The Four Segments of CX

Customer experience can largely be broken up into four main parts: consideration, investigation, buying and aftercare. These components are closely connected to your branding and marketing message, as well as customer support.


Your customer is thinking about buying and begins thinking about a shortlist of candidates. Your marketing, branding and positioning will help you to get onto this shortlist.


Your customer is now researching the market to find the best option for them. Some brands that were not initially on the list may be discovered in this stage.


Your customer is choosing to buy through you. Your pricing, payment gateway, and delivery of services will all influence their experience.


Your customer is enjoying their new product/service. How you follow up and nurture this past customer will affect their experience, too.

What you need to know about CX

Your customer experience is vital to your business. You aren’t here to just sell stuff, you’re here to totally wow! your audience. This is how you gain repeat clients. By delivering more than just great products and services, you’re actively inviting these customers to come back to you.

If you’ve ever had a crappy customer experience, raise your hand.