I recently sat down with ever-so talented and inspirational duo from the Excellence:Collective, Ricci-Jane Adams & Laura Elkaslassy, to get their insight on not only their incredible international event coming up this year, but their take on what it looks like for entrepreneurs who are ready to go bigger in themselves as a thought-leader, and bigger with their business. It’s all about making space, and considering “what else is possible?!”…

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Why is it important to dedicate time to work ON your business instead of IN?

Well, because everything that is possible for you is not going to happen in the “busy”.

If you are truly entrepreneurial in your thinking, you’re always looking for what is next and what is going to open yourself to your mission and a bigger and bigger way so you need to actually create time.

Make time for when the brain is using different chemicals and hormones, so you be in your creativity and you can actually be downloading or receiving those kinds of creative hits.

The inspiration can’t come when you’re in repetitive actions. When you’re doing the same thing that you do in your business again and again and again, you will not meet your inspiration.

Stepping outside of the doing of your business is the best way to figure out what the next level of your business is.

When you work ON your business, how do you start? Where do you start in a day?

In a day? I always start with brain dump and that is a productivity tip that I use from Jo Bendle.

Basically I begin each day just dumping the contents of my brain onto paper and sometimes I’ll do that before I go to bed as well, especially if things are sitting in my head. Then I can prioritise what I need to get done in a day and I can also be very realistic with myself about what’s not going to be possible for me in a day.

I think one of the biggest hazards, that causes procrastination and makes us go into a downward spiral is not being realistic about the time that you’ve got available in your day.

Being clear and realistic with yourself about how much time you have available can help you make space for working IN and working ON your business.

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Achieving Magnitude is the backbone to this event, why do you feel this is important for the modern entrepreneur?

I think magnitude is a deeply personal idea, the same way that success is going to be different to someone else’s version of success or magnitude.

But it’s absolutely vital that you don’t count yourself out from the possibility of achieving the ultimate success, the ultimate magnitude in your business. I think that’s where women in particular, but all entrepreneurs will get to a point where they think “well it’s working, I shouldn’t try and go further than this”.

It’s at this point that entrepreneurs can really limit themselves and limit the opportunities that are available to them.

I remember reading somewhere that “a great entrepreneur will have seven different kinds of businesses on the go”. I can’t say that I’m at that level, but what that is suggesting is that there’s always ways to diversify and to increase your capacity to serve and increase your capacity to make a really, really healthy living.

If we’re not accepting the idea of the possibility, that we can go further, then we are essentially shutting doors before we’ve even looked to see if there are doors.


What does achieving Magnitude look like in your own business journeys?

For Laura, I know that she is really at a precipice moment where she’s, you know, seven figures is insight for her and I know that she’s really taken the time and invested in her professional development and personal development to be able to expand easily and gloriously into that seven figure category. She is diversifying her income and it’s all coming back to the one idea which is no more poor entrepreneurs and really eliminating entrepreneurial poverty and all of her purpose is lined up with that.

For her now it’s like, how big can this go? How far can she reach? How many people can she serve? How many people can she work with to break their negative self-beliefs around money?

For me, I have a vision of 5,000 priestesses. So 5,000 women trained in as intuitive guides by the institute. Every year, every intake the the Third Level program, we reach further and further around the globe and it’s very much a vision of creating a community.

Personally, magnitude has always been about reach and of course aligned with that naturally is that the more people you serve, the more revenue you create (if you’re doing it right). And, the more revenue, the more power to serve.

So for me it’s very much about being unafraid of making money, as it directly affects my ability to serve on larger scale. And I know that’s a big thing for a lot of spiritual entrepreneurs. This is something I’ve definitely moved beyond now with Laura’s help as my money mentor.

In what ways have you planned the event to change the attitudes and trajectory for the entrepreneurs who attend?

Well, the first thing we’ve done is go to Tuscany. Given that the majority of our attendees will be coming from Australia, Tuscany may not seem like an obvious place. It’s not cheap to get to, but we want to take people to a truly heavenly location and give them a sense of magnitude by feeling, “Yes, you’re in the game. You are an international entrepreneur and you could be presenting or sharing your work in this incredibly beautiful physical location.”

The other part of that, of course, is that we are inviting you not only into a retreat, but into an environment where your own creative genius can emerge.

We’ve really thrown out the book on what entrepreneurial retreats look like and we’ve given ourselves permission to do so. We’ve created intersections or moments where people can access support and programs that might excite them, but largely to just give entrepreneurs the opportunity to be with their own creative genius; to meet their own magnitude.

We’re essentially asking our attendees to step up as a leader of their own business and not imitate what other people are doing, to inspire them to carve their own path.