A while ago we covered the importance of identifying and understanding your ideal client. The term ‘ideal client’ is one of those buzzwords used in business. It gets bandied around a lot. People obsess a little over it, reading everything there is to know about how to create an ideal client avatar, and exactly which demographics you need to know: where they shop, what eat, what colour pyjamas they wear while sleeping.

And it’s all critical information (PJs aside!). But what exactly are you supposed to do with this info?

Once you have that ideal client profile, exactly how does it help you in your business?

The truth is, knowing and understanding your ideal client will inform pretty much every area of your business, from your branding, to the specific products and services you offer, and the platforms you choose to dedicate the most time to.

But you want specifics, right?

Wish granted!

Here’s exactly how to use your ideal client to easily improve your conversions, and make yourself some extra moolah.

Why Is It So Hard To Convert Readers Into Paying Clients?

Let’s clear something up first, shall we? Conversions are hard.

People don’t like parting with their hard earned cash.

They don’t do it willingly unless they are a) desperate, or b) so in love with the thing they’re buying, it matters more to them than the money.

To sell your stuff you need to, either:

  • Have a product or services that perfectly solves a problem people are desperate over, or
  • Make people fall head over heels in love with you, your products, and services.

If you’re really good, you’ll do both.

And even then, even then, a 3% conversion rate is about average (2.95% at last count, to be precise).

But what does this conversion rate even mean?

Essentially, if you get to the point where 3 out of every 100 people visiting your site buy from you, you’re doing better than average.

It’s easy to put the focus on the tech, the advertising strategy, your web design, or nurture sequence, and the number of followers you have on Instagram…

When you drill down to it though, although all these things are important to improving your conversion, every contributing element works better when you know and understand your ideal client.

It’s important to take a step back and consider the people you’re trying to convert. To help you out, I’ve created a FREE Ideal Client Workbook, that will not only help you build the perfect Ideal Client Avatar for your business, but also ensure you’re using it to improve your conversions and grow your business…

How Your Ideal Client Relates To Your Conversion Rate

If you’re not effectively targeting your ideal client, a large chunk of the people you are trying to convert are lost causes from the get-go.

To put this really simply, if you have a 0.5% conversion rate, and fifty percent of the people you’ve targeted aren’t your ideal client, you could have doubled that percentage by merely eliminating the people outside your tribe from the equation.

Here’s just one really practical way your ideal client can directly impact your conversion rate:

Let’s say you run a PPC ad campaign on Facebook, and you target women between the ages of 20 and 50. Maybe your product is female-specific, perhaps you just love working with women. Whatever the reason, you give yourself a pat on the back for a job well done.

That’s a targeted ad campaign, right?

Not so much…

How To Use Your Ideal Client For Effective Advertising Targeting

Using age and gender is more targeted than showing your ad to everyone, but it’s not nearly as specific as it could be (especially true if you don’t have a gender preference!).

Here’s a quick example of how a few simple ideal client demographics can really hone down your target market to improve your conversions.

If you really ran an ad targeted at women between the age of 20 and 50, your target audience would be around 578 million people…

How To Use Your Ideal Client To Easily Improve Conversions How to target facebook ads (2)Let’s narrow that down a bit (or a lot!).

Where do they live?

Even narrowing it down to Australia, the UK and the US, you’ve eliminated about five hundred million people!

How To Use Your Ideal Client To Easily Improve Conversions How to target facebook ads (3)Don’t discount demographics that seem obvious.

For example, what language does your ideal client speak?

This is one people often ignore, because it seems obvious to them. If they’re targeting people in a specific country, they assume it’s a given, but it’s not!

Let’s say your ideal clients all speak English. That narrows it down by another six million (see what I mean about not leaving out the obvious!).

How To Use Your Ideal Client To Easily Improve Conversions How to target facebook ads (4)Now you can get really specific.

Do your ideal clients have a common interest?

Let’s say they’re all business owners. We already know they’re women, so it’s likely they follow (for example) The Female Entrepreneur Association. It’s also possible to select ‘small business owners’ as a demographic or interest – choose demographic. This means those targeted are likely to actually own a business. Now, say goodbye to another seventy-four million people.