If you are ready to rebrand your line of products or launch a new product line, you’re probably also preoccupied with creating the perfect marketing strategy. Coming up with the right method of marketing and advertising takes time and knowledge, especially when trying to decide if your marketing strategy should be conventional or if it should revolve around a new type of marketing, like influencer marketing.

Influencer marketing is a very viable way to launch and promote a brand, and can help with rebranding existing products as well. In fact, influencer marketing has a lead over traditional marketing in many ways. If you are not yet familiar with how to use it to your advantage, the following factors may convince you.

Influencer Marketing is Consumer-Focused

Traditional marketing has always been centered around what a marketing team thinks a consumer should focus on. When using traditional marketing, you dictate what your consumer takes away from an ad or while learning about your product.

traditional vs influencer marketingInfluencer marketing is a smarter, less disruptive way to get to your consumers. Your future customers follow their favorite influencers, who then recommend your product to them. There is no better way to ensure a consumer gives your product a chance than by allowing the social influencers and celebrities they trust to praise your product through word of mouth.

When you use influencer marketing, you are not disrupting your consumer with an obvious advertisement. Instead, consumers happen to see your product as they scroll through their various social media feeds, and since their favorite public figures vouch for it, that makes them want to give it a try as well.

Influencer Marketing is Online

One of the most obvious ways in which traditional marketing and influencer marketing differ is that influencer marketing is almost exclusively online while traditional marketing encompasses every type of content that is offline. It could be radio advertising, print ads and brochures, billboards or TV ads. When you use traditional marketing, you invest a lot of money into various media hoping that a little bit of each type of advertising will stick.

Influencer marketing is smarter and more strategic. It concentrates on digital marketing with an emphasis on social media. The most popular avenues for influencer marketing are Instagram, Facebook, and now TikTok.

Influencer Marketing Is Often Cheaper

Since influencer marketing relies only on one or two digital platforms at a time, it makes sense that you will spend less money on it than you would on a full-blown traditional marketing campaign. First, you don’t have to waste money on print material. Secondly, you can choose to focus your strategy on several influencers across a group of social networks, or you can focus on one platform which further decreases your cost.

Keep in mind that when you rely on influencer marketing, you pay influencers directly to use their expertise and following to promote your product. The price depends on how large a following an influencer has, as well as how famous he or she is in general. If you have a product or brand in a very specific niche and you have a limited budget, you can greatly benefit from working with micro-influencers. Though they have a smaller following, they are typically very niche-specific and their followers are very loyal.

Influencer Marketing is Outsourced

It typically takes an entire team of people to strategise, kick-off and then manage a traditional marketing campaign. However, influencer marketing is always outsourced to some degree, just by default. After all, it is the influencers who are hired to showcase and talk about the various brands and products they are promoting.

If you want to further outsource your marketing, you can use an influencer marketing agency to help you launch and promote your brand. Since an agency does all the leg work around finding and managing social influencers, you can reap the benefits of a fully outsourced marketing campaign. This hands-off strategy typically yields very favourable results without maxing out your budget.

Choosing Influencer Marketing

When you have to choose between a wide-scale, expensive marketing strategy and a consumer-centered cheaper option, why not choose the latter? Though relatively new, influencer marketing is here to stay. It is authentic and genuine, and much more casual and less disruptive, making it a clear winner over traditional marketing.

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