Understanding your Facebook followers is key to gaining engagement, reach, and the all important conversion from your business Facebook page.

When I refer to conversion, I’m talking about everything from receiving leads and sales through to clicks on to your website for interesting articles or more information.

So often business owners comment:

“Why isn’t one liking my page”


“Why isn’t anyone engaging with my posts”


“No one is even seeing my posts anymore”.

The secret to getting that reach, engagement and traction lie in:

  • Consistency
  • Story-Telling
  • Understanding Your Followers

The first two are fairly self-explanatory, but the last one is where some of the big clues are.

If you are wondering how to boost your Facebook page engagement there are 3 key things you need to know about your current Facebook followers to ensure that you give your posts the best chance of being seen with the Facebook algorithm.

Number 1: Know what time of day are your current Facebook followers are online

If you know what time of day the majority of your Facebook fans are online, you can schedule your posts to be published at these times to ensure they get in front of as many people as possible organically.

If a number of your existing Facebook fans engage with your ad at these times, Facebook will assume that your post is of interest and continue sharing it with other followers and their friends.

To find out when your Facebook followers are online:

  1. Go to your business Facebook page
  2. Click the Insights tab at the top of the page
  3. Click the Posts tab on the left menu
  4. Review each day of the week by hovering over the days shown
  5. Take note of the peak times your fans are on Facebook

Number 2: Know who you are talking to

Just as you tailor your conversation topics and expressions to who you are talking to in conversations offline, you do the same online.

If you know the demographic of who you are talking to you can plan your content and the way you approach your shared promotions accordingly.

For example, if you sell handmade baby clothes, your audience may be predominantly women 25-35. One can then assume that because they like your page they are interested in baby clothes, and with their age we can also assume they are either pregnant or have at least one child.

With this information you could break up your promotion posts and generate more content with tales of parenting, amusing parenting jokes, children’s decor, party ideas, etc. This type of content is complimentary to what the business is about but is also of interest to the current followers which would increase your post engagement and reach of your business page.

How to find out the demographic of your Facebook followers:

  1. Go to your business Facebook page
  2. Click the Insights tab at the top of the page
  3. Go to the People tab on the left
  4. Review the gender, age and location of your followers
  5. Review the demographic of the fans who have engaged with the recent posts and use this information to kick-start your engagement and reach

Number 3: Know what content your Facebook followers already engage with

Just because they don’t ‘like’ your post doesn’t mean they haven’t engaged with your post!

It’s good practice to check-in on your post insights to see which posts attracted the most reactions, the most reach, and the most views and clicks. You may just be surprised by the results.

Often a post can attract no likes or comments but a significant number of clicks through the website. Some topics, as well as some niche demographics, typically don’t respond with likes or comments so do not hinge your success on those attributions as a measure of your engagement or success.

To check your post insights:

  1. Go to your business Facebook page
  2. Click the Insights tab at the top of the page
  3. Go to the People tab on the left
  4. Review your post data for clicks, reach and reactions

In summary

When you know these 3 things about your Facebook followers your time spent creating content for this social channel can be more efficient and productive. The flow on effects include greater reach for your business, greater engagement because your content is of interest to your fans, and ultimately more customers and referrals.