Sometimes it feels like working on lead generation for your business is, frankly, the ultimate time-waster. But it doesn’t have to be that way. We’ve put together this lead generation guide with everything you need to do it well to help you start building your business in a sustainable way.

Let’s consider the cold calls you get on your home phone from telcos or marketing agencies. If (when) the call ends with you saying “thanks, but no thanks” – not only has your time been wasted, but so has theirs.

Here’s why those cold calls don’t convert:

  • You don’t have a problem that needs solving (you’re happy with your current telco provider)
  • Their price-point is wrong (no way you’re going to pay that much to get to the top of Google!)
  • The timing is completely off (you’ve just sat down to dinner and that is NOT the time to be taking calls) #timewasted

But that’s not you, right?

Of course not. You want lead generation tactics that don’t waste time (yours OR theirs) because you :

  • use the RIGHT strategies
  • target the RIGHT audience
  • offer the RIGHT solution
  • and set the RIGHT price-point

That’s what this Guide is all about. We’re going to shed some light on lead generation for sustainable business growth, including:

  • What is lead generation?
  • What does lead generation do?
  • How do you nurture leads?
  • How can lead generation help your business grow?

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