Sometimes it feels like working on lead generation for your business is, frankly, the ultimate time-waster. But it doesn’t have to be that way. We’ve put together this lead generation guide with everything you need to do it well to help you start building your business in a sustainable way.

Let’s consider the cold calls you get on your home phone from telcos or marketing agencies. If (when) the call ends with you saying “thanks, but no thanks” – not only has your time been wasted, but so has theirs.

Here’s why those cold calls don’t convert:

  • You don’t have a problem that needs solving (you’re happy with your current telco provider)
  • Their price-point is wrong (no way you’re going to pay that much to get to the top of Google!)
  • The timing is completely off (you’ve just sat down to dinner and that is NOT the time to be taking calls) #timewasted

But that’s not you, right?

Of course not. You want lead generation tactics that don’t waste time (yours OR theirs) because you :

  • use the RIGHT strategies
  • target the RIGHT audience
  • offer the RIGHT solution
  • and set the RIGHT price-point

That’s what this Guide is all about. We’re going to shed some light on lead generation for sustainable business growth, including:

  • What is lead generation?
  • What does lead generation do?
  • How do you nurture leads?
  • How can lead generation help your business grow?

You’ll find links to our best lead generation blogs and most popular how-to resources so you can master #leadgen in no time.

Let’s jump in.


lead generation guide - what is lead genWhat is Lead Generation?

Lead generation is the process you follow to warm up people to your business so they want to hear more from you.

They may not know you or your business yet, but they want to find out more about the solutions you offer to their problems.

To find out more from you they might:

  • Sign up to your newsletter
  • Download a free offer from your website
  • Use a special coupon to buy from you
  • Book in a 1-1 phone call to find out more
  • Click on your ads in Google search results or on social media

When they take some form of action, these people move into your sales funnel and in marketing terms, are now called a “lead.”

Where they go to from there depends on how you help them journey through your sales funnel.

Of course, your ultimate goal is to make a sale. But whether you actually reach this goal will depend on some important factors.

lead generation guide - what lead gen doesWhat Does Lead Generation Do?

Create Connections

Lead generation allows you to create connections with your ideal audience to encourage them to want to find out more or buy from you.

The key here is to focus on your ideal audience because not everyone will want to find out more about your business. Only those people who have a real need for the service or product you’re offering will stick around.

Once you know your ideal client, you’ll need to know how to market yourself and improve your online presence. This will help you to attract a larger audience to your website.

If you’re stuck on identifying who your ideal audience is, start with our Ideal Client Workbook.

Grow Your Email List

When you implement a lead generation system that works, your email list will explode with relevant, warm, and engaged prospects.

To do this, focus on creating powerful lead magnets that really speak to your leads’ emotions, settle their fears, and answer their problems.

And when your leads join your email list, it’s time to take them on a journey:

  • Share your business story
  • Show how you can solve their problems
  • Nurture them into buying from you

Don’t be fooled though, there is a difference between sending your list regular newsletters and implementing an email marketing campaign designed to nurture sales.

Understanding the difference can make a big difference to your click-through and sales figures.

Resources To Help You Generate Leads

lead generation guide - how to nurture leadsHow Do You Nurture Leads?

It’s important to understand that to get (and then convert) new leads takes more than just a good freebie offer. For the incredible results you want to see, you’ll need to take time to structure a lead nurturing campaign.

To structure your campaign:

  • establish your buyer personas
  • segment your email lists
  • determine how often to send
  • and write copy that matches up with where your leads currently are in the buying process

To create a perfect nurture sequence, it’s imperative that you understand your leads as well as your sales funnel.

There are three main stages of your sales funnel:

  • Top of the funnel – your lead is in researching their problem and wants informative content
  • Middle of the funnel – your lead wants to know more about YOU and your solution, specifically
  • Bottom of the funnel – your lead may be ready to buy your offer

Knowing the journey your leads take through your funnel – and what actions you want them to take at each stage – makes writing your email sequences so MUCH easier!

Start with a basic email nurture sequence for lead magnets. Then add an automated follow-up sequence  to re-engage quiet leads and nurture more sales.

Resources To Help You Nurture Leads

  • Email Nurture Sequence Workbook – This short, sweet guidebook walks you through creating a 5-part email nurture sequence designed to engage, connect, and convert your customers.
  • Email Marketing Masterclass – Learn how to educate and inform, promote and convert, nurture and retain your audience – and finally get your email list working for you.



lead generation guide - how lead gen helpsHow Can Lead Generation Help Your Business Grow?

Look, generating leads for your business is just the first step to boosting your business growth in a sustainable way.

When you have a sales pipeline constantly topped up with new leads, you have more opportunities to nurture these leads into sales and conversions. But simply generating leads won’t get you where you want to go.

Here’s what needs to happen:

  • Really get to the core of what makes your ideal audience tick so you can optimise your lead generation tactics to meet them where they are
  • Develop value propositions that attract YOUR audience
  • Create authentic connections to encourage your audience to opt-in
  • Help your audience move through the journey toward becoming your customer

One of the best ways to increase those connections is through storytelling. When you use stories in your business you connect with your audience in an authentic way.

Then, once someone signs up through your lead generation tactic you can work to convert them through email marketing.

And of course, along the way you should tweak and refine your marketing automation strategy so you are continually improving your conversion rate.

Resources To Help Grow Your Business Through Lead Generation

  • DRIVE! eCourse – This comprehensive self-study program is for small business owners who want to get better results from the time they spend marketing their business online. Includes training modules on Social Media, Email Marketing, Website and Analytics, and Content Strategy.

lead generation guide - invest in lead genInvest In Lead Generation For Sustainable Business Growth

Some form of lead generation is a must if you want to have a steady stream of leads entering your sales funnel or pipeline. Once you’ve spent the time and effort getting to know what makes your ideal audience take action, you’re halfway there.

From there, craft engaging and compelling email campaigns to take your leads on a journey that shows the value your business can bring to their lives.

In this guide, we have included links to our most popular resources, blogs, and workbooks. All of which are designed to help you grow your business with lead generation.

To get started, choose the ones that work for where you are now in your business journey and save the rest for later.

Or for help developing a lead generation strategy customised for your business, book in a free 30-minute discovery call here.