How to Do an SEO Audit On Your Website

How well is your search engine optimisation (SEO) doing? When's the last time you've checked up on your SEO campaigns? In fact, have you ever done so? Chances are you haven't and it's in part due to you not having a clue of how to do an SEO audit. And ...

SEO featured snippets

What are featured snippets and how do they affect your Google ranking?

Featured snippets have been implemented by Google since 2015 and show up as a ‘snapshot’ of what an internet user has been looking for. Snippets appear as an extract of the most relevant website in response to a specified search. There are many steps a website can take to optimise their chances of appearing in the featured snippet.

easy selling

Easy Ways To Sell When You Don’t Like Selling

A big part of business is selling, even if you don’t have a product or a store. Succeeding in business means getting clients or customers to engage with your brand, service or idea, even if they aren’t buying products from you. When you are trying to c ...


How Long Does An SEO Strategy Take To Work?

When you have put a lot of time and thought into your SEO strategy, and then even more time trying to implement it, it’s only natural to want results immediately. Insert keywords today, get a thousand visitors tomorrow, right? But how long does an S ...