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10 Easy Ways To Get More Website Traffic

Getting traffic to your website can be hard and time-consuming, or you can make it easy. I know which one I prefer. I'm sure you will feel the same, so I thought I would share with you some quick and easy ways you can start driving some extra visitors to ...

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How to get more customers to say YES!

The idea of being in business, at it's core, is that you have a product or service that is of benefit, need or desire that you would like people to buy from you. The idea of marketing your business, in any form, is to put your business in front of potenti ...

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10 Smart Marketing Tips for online business owners

Just in case you’ve missed these little marketing gems on the Facebook page recently, I thought I’d post them here on the blog all in one handy collection so you can save them for when you next have a few minutes to work ON your business. Enjoy

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3 Things To Know About Your Facebook Followers

Understanding your Facebook followers is key to gaining engagement, reach, and the all important conversion from your business Facebook page. When I refer to conversion, I'm talking about everything from receiving leads and sales through to clicks on t ...