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10 Smart Marketing Tips for online business owners

Just in case you’ve missed these little marketing gems on the Facebook page recently, I thought I’d post them here on the blog all in one handy collection so you can save them for when you next have a few minutes to work ON your business.

Got any smart marketing tips to share? I’d love for you to share in the comments below.

10 smart marketing tips for online business owners

Add a description and useful link to your Facebook page profile and cover imageAdd a description and useful link to your Facebook page profile and cover image
Tip for your Facebook page…

Add your elevator pitch or core service promo to your Facebook page profile image description and cover photo descriptions with a link to your website / to find out more.

Make it really easy for people to find out more about you and buy from you.

reduce file sizes
Tip for your website…

Taking great product photos or creating beautiful images in CANVA can be great for social media… but not so much for your website load time as the file sizes can be on the larger side.

A simple trick is to open your lovely new image in Paint (or Mac equivalent) and click Save-As and re-save your image. You can even use the ReSize feature and set to downsize to 99% and Save-As.

This simple step can reduce the file-size by 5-10X… using this image on your website will not only make your web pages load faster, but your website visitors will be happier too.

online marketing content marketing ideas
Tip for your blog…

Write blog posts and articles that answer common questions that people are asking about your industry and topics.

Google will reward your site in search results because you’ve successfully given the visitor exactly what they were looking for.

Tip for your opt-in…

Brand your opt-in filename to remind people of your business in a non-intrusive way after the download.

PLUS it makes the document look so much more professional.

Convert PDF to JPG
Create graphics from documents…

If you want to convert a PDF to JPG (even multiple page PDFs) this website does it for free, quickly and easily.

It’s great for prepping sample images of documents for websites such as your opt-ins.

online marketing social media tips
Tip  for social media…

Make the most from of those hours you spent writing the article and designing the imagery and share your blog and social posts multiple times on multiple platforms.

Change up the day, change up the time, change the imagery but re-share your good content because the majority of your audience probably missed it the first time around… plus any new people following you probably haven’t seen it at all!

responsive website design
Tip for your website…

Always use mobile responsive design AND regularly test your website, landing pages and online checkout for any responsive layout issues.

All it takes is for a heading to be too long, an image to be too wide, or an overlay to not function properly and your customers can have a hard time using your site, opting in or buying from you. I know you dont want that!

Tip for your online presence…

Make time for SEO. Even the basics like naming your image files with applicable keywords and when you upload to your site/shop and give the image applicable keyword rich Alt tag and descriptions.

It takes some extra time BUT pays off really well in the long run with extra traffic and customers without extra effort.

PLUS time invested initially continues to work for your business unlike social media or advertising.

It’s inexpensive and highly effective marketing … why wouldn’t you use it to your advantage?? 




email campaign tracking in google analytics
Tip for your newsletter…

Connect your newsletter account with Google Analytics so that you can see more of what happens after “the click” from your newsletter.

Such as:

  • Do your audience engage with your website or do they just leave?
  • Are they actually reading the content they’ve clicked through to?
  • If they don’t buy from the click, are they completing any of your other assigned goals – ie visiting a primary service page, submitting a contact form, buying a different product.
free online marketing resources australia
For your marketing…

Want to give your business marketing a head-start?

Check out these free marketing resources to help get you on the right track with tools and techniques I’ve found incredibly beneficial to growing businesses online.

That’s all from me today, I hope you found these marketing tips helpful.

What are your go to smart marketing tips for helping your small business thrive?

Until next time, happy marketing!


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