1:1 SEO Training Session

60 minute training session to teach you all about how you can use search engine optimisation for your business, techniques to get you started, and personalised advice to help you learn SEO techniques that will help your business be found by more of your ideal customers.

This SEO session is designed for business owners, bloggers, marketers, website builders and online store managers who want to learn how they can get started with SEO themselves.

It’s a 60 minute session where we look at:

  • what your business is about
  • who your target clients are
  • how you are being found online currently
  • what opportunities are available to you immediately
  • how you can optimise your search presence for more traffic
  • training on how to actually improve SEO on your website (or client website)
  • how to track the progress of the optimisation in terms of bringing in more traffic to your site.

After the session you can feel confident in applying the principles of on-page Search Engine Optimisation yourself.

Why use SEO in your marketing strategy?

Search traffic is warm traffic, and warm traffic is easier to connect with and convert, so SEO has been a big player in marketing strategies I’ve used (and recommend) to grow businesses online.

SEO also has the massive benefit that once implemented it continually works for your business, unlike time and energy spent on social media or paid advertising.

At a basic level it works well, and with a little extra investment (your time to DIY or money to get someone else to do it for you) it can easily be an integral part of your marketing strategy that continues to put your business in front of people who are looking for what you offer without you doing anything. It’s a no-brainer really.

This SEO Training is suited for:
  • product or service based businesses
  • any stage of business
  • any technical ability
    (although must be able to edit own website)
  • any website platform
  • any target market
  • businesses who want to be found online