Despite every business owner’s best intentions, there’s really no point in writing content for what you THINK your audience wants to know. Knowing what your audience is searching for at this very minute, and providing responses to their searches, is IMPERATIVE if you want them to find your content online. Our Blog Plan service gives you the targeted blog content with focus keywords and click-worthy headlines to make your content work for you.

“One of keywords/blogs titles you created for me resulted in about $6.4K income (signed up for my membership then recently became a high ticket client as well)! She told me she was Google searching for pretty much exactly that and then signed up to my mailing list, etc etc… the rest is history! I checked again yesterday and I am the 4th result on the first page. So I just wanted to say thank you and share how amazing this is! Very exciting.  Thanks so much again. The work I did with you more than paid off.” – Orit Krug  – Orit Krug

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A Blog Plan enables you to quickly and easily outsource the content creation side of things!

Creating the content – copy or videos or infographics – is going to be super easy for you when you flick this blog content plan to your Content Writer to action on your behalf!

OR you can use the blog plan as a vlog plan instead so that you can upload videos to YouTube that have Search Engine Optimised titles – then have your videos converted into blogs for maximum impact!

We also do your keyword research! This means that your blog content headlines are going to be optimised for keywords and phrases that your market is actually searching for RIGHT NOW. And we’ll make sure to use keywords and phrases that also make sense for you to target in relation to your industry competitors and what your audience are searching for. 

The Best Part?

You’re going to have a pretty clear-cut picture of your content plan for the foreseeable future. This means you can see exactly where you can run a new launch, host a new competition, or send out a new offering – and it fits in seamlessly with your already existing marketing plan!

Here’s how it works

This is a virtual product, so when you purchase one of our Blog Plan Packages we will be in touch straight away to find out:

  • About your business
  • What your service/products are
  • Who your target market is
  • What your next 12 month launch plan looks like so that your content can support that

Once these details have been provided to us, we can make an immediate start. Our process looks like this:

  • Conduct keyword research
  • Complete your blog plan with Search Engine Optimised headlines and focus keywords
  • Conduct headline optimisation to make them click-worthy
  • Identify the Call To Action for each article
  • Return your blog content plan to you within 14 days.

This means that you’ll get click-worthy blog headlines that are optimised for keywords and phrases that your market is actually searching for RIGHT NOW. And… 

13 or 26 Blog Headlines = 6-12 Months Worth of  Content For Your Website!

Or, if you’re looking for quick traction, create and release the content weekly and you’ll start to see yourself rise in the organic search rankings!

Celebrate now because you no longer need to spend hours staring at a blinking cursor trying to come up with relevant ideas for your product or service!

Let us do this work for you (we secretly LOVE it!) and save yourself a heck of a lot of time!

Blog Plan Packages do not include Blog Writing.

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Rather someone else write your SEO Blog Content for you?

If you’re looking to outsource the content for your blog content headlines, then ask us about our SEO Article Writing service. It’s PERFECT for those business owners who do not have the time nor the inclination to create new content!

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