Is SEO really worth the investment for small businesses? In my opinion, ABSOLUTELY YES!

My ‘hell yes’ opinion is founded on a decade of experience applying even just the basic principles of search engine optimisation to many businesses from a very broad range of industries, and watching them flourish, grow and dominate without having to work hard for visibility.

I originally invested in learning and applying SEO as a marketing strategy because as an introvert it was a highly attractive option to get my business in front of people who were looking for the services and products I had on offer.

Not only did SEO give my business great visibility, and leads I never would have been exposed to, but for me there was no financial investment except for my time… and when I was in start-up I had plenty of time to learn, compare and apply SEO strategies to my website and other online marketing.

In the end, as we all know, time is money… and that time I invested on SEO in each blog post, each product listing and each page on my website, while it was really tedious at the time, it absolutely paid off time and again.

And this is just with the applying the basic stuff!

As an example: I started an online website selling handmade bath products back in 2010. It was a new website with about 30 different products, I had 20 people on my mailing list, about 300 people on the Facebook page, and I had amateur product photos. I also had a non-existent marketing budget because it was my new side gig.

Anyway, just by applying basic search engine optimisation to the content, pages, images and product descriptions within a few months of starting I had a request from a national hotel chain request products for a $25000 order – just because they found me on Google ranking highest with Bed Bath & Beyond.

A big WOOOAH moment for me.

In this event I had the right product but not the facilities to fulfil the order because it was home-based hobby business, BUT, it shows the power of how applying SEO can deliver warm-hot leads without the hustle!

I’m also a big fan of Search Engine Optimisation because it continues to work for your business long after you put it in place.

If you spend an hour planning and writing your Facebook posts for the coming month, once that month is done you have to invest another hour.

If you invest in paid advertising, once the budget is spent, your message stops being visibile.

With SEO however, if you spend an extra hour optimising each blog post you publish that continues to work for you for many many years. Cost-per-acquisition using SEO therefore is very low.

Product or serviced based businesses, the principals are the same.

SEO just makes marketing your business just that bit EASIER.
It also saves a bunch of promo time to find new leads.
And, it means if I get busy in business, I don’t have to worry about how I’m going to stay visible to potential new clients as my website is handling a lot of that for me.

Don’t get me wrong it’s not quite a set and forget approach, and there are definitely merits to marketing, advertising and being present on social media and other places online, but if you sort the basics of your website optimisation, it can do some of that selling for you.

Some people say they dont invest in search engine optimisation because it’s not connected enough for their service or personality. I beg to differ.

Search Engine Optimisation allows your business to connect with and be of service to more of the right customers; it helps the customer understand your business better and easier; and it starts building the client relationship organically. That to me is very connected marketing.

If you are:

  • tired of endlessly chasing leads in Facebook groups
  • fighting for reach and visibility on social media
  • too busy in your business to promote your business
  • creating lots of beautiful and useful content on your website
  • an introvert who would rather not boast about your goodness to others

OR – and this is the kicker –

  • you just don’t like asking for the sale

I highly recommend you spend some time investing in SEO (and maybe some professional copy for extra umph!). It is definitely worth it.

Make your website sell for you!

After all your website is created to tell people about what you do!


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