Is there anything more divisive in digital marketing than the subject of social media? From the gurus who swear they can help you build a six figure business, in six minutes a day, with nothing but six Facebook ads and a lot of unnecessary alliteration, to the pros who are equally emphatic in their assertions that social media is a waste of time and will never get you anywhere.

Who’s right?

Well, they both are.

As with any aspect of life or business, there are people who succeed at making social media work for them, and people who don’t.

The extent to which a social schedule can help your business depends a lot on your business model, how you approach it, and the quality of the content you put out there, but the short answer is this:

If you’re marketing your business digitally, social media is a huge asset if you use it well.

But how exactly do you ‘use it well’?

That is another complicated question. There are so many factors involved in social media that putting together a genuinely powerful strategy is a tall order.

Fortunately, I’ve been running around the social block for a while now, and I’ve learned a thing or three.

Here’s everything you need to know to plan a seriously powerful social media marketing schedule for your business…

Find The Best Platform And Focus On It

With so many options available in terms of platforms it’s easy to get overwhelmed before you’ve even begun, simply by the sheer volume of choice.

Should you promote your business on Facebook? Twitter? Is Instagram a better bet?

Do you need a vlog and a YouTube channel?

Or should you just join everything, chuck a load of content out and see what sticks?

This is one of those times the ‘throw everything at it and pray something works’