Whether you’re a total newbie who only has a vague idea what a nurture sequence is or an established pro who has been using sales funnels for years, creating the perfect nurture sequence is of paramount importance to your marketing efforts.

Let’s get a bit of a definition up before we go any further…

A nurture sequence (also called a sales funnel or follow-up sequence) is an automated series of emails sent to every new lead signing up to your mailing list. You can also set up sequences for existing subscribers and clients, in order to drive them to take specific actions.

A nurture sequence is designed to nourish and grow the fledgling relationship between you and your new contact, educating them on your products and services, demonstrating your expertise, and ultimately converting them from lead to paying client.

If that sounds like a big job for a few emails, it is.

Creating an effective nurture sequence requires a plan that is clear, and geared towards achieving your desired outcomes as efficiently as possible. But for a lot of us, this isn’t quite what happens…

The Problem With Creating Sales Funnels

Unfortunately, nurture sequences aren’t fun to make. They’re confusing and seem to have an alarming number of components. You’re not quite sure how it all fits together or exactly what you’re meant to include in each bit. It can be intimidating, overwhelming, or simply tedious trying to tackle it all.

As a result, new entrepreneurs tend to put off creating nurture sequences. They’re one of those things that drive a lot of us crazy. We resolve to deal with it later or outsource it to someone who knows what they’re doing when we can afford it.

The trouble is, without your nurture sequence in place, it’s going to be a long time before you