What about this year, so far? Doesn’t it seem like everything that could go wrong, has? But even when things are crazy (like now), life goes on. We still need to do business, make sales, and keep the lights on. So, though it might feel strange – now is actually the perfect time to optimise and grow your business.

With that in mind, we put our heads together here at Optimise and Grow Online and came up with this massive list of ideas to help you do just that!

Some of these are quick and simple, while others are more involved. But each of them will contribute to a more efficient, more successful business in 2020 and beyond.

Note: There are two main categories of tips – Optimise and Grow. And each main category is broken down into a few sub-categories – just to make them easier to digest.  Related articles we’ve written about before are linked for your convenience – so there’s no reason not to get started right now.

Let’s do it!

ways to optimise and grow business

53 Ways To Optimise Your Business


  1. Create an ideal customer avatar
  2. Check + optimise your website usability on mobile and tablet devices
  3. Assess all social channels and make sure they each have clear ways to contact and work with you
  4. Review + optimise expenses monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, annually
  5. Analyse keywords for relevance and accuracy
  6. Assess + optimise marketing approach and performance
  7. Review + optimise processes quarterly, semi-annually, annually
  8. Assess strategies or plans for remaining relevant in your niche
  9. Setup Google Analytics
  10. Structure your day for maximum productivity
  11. Survey clients and customers for improvement feedback <– don’t forget to implement the recommendations you receive!
  12. Test your website forms to ensure they work as intended.
  13. Test your funnels and automation
  14. Analyse competitors to see what they do well and what they don’t
  15. Review + clean your email list of inactive and no longer valid subscribers


  1. Automate operations, communications, & marketing wherever possible
  2. Create customer service processes
  3. Create email nurturing sequences for common situations
  4. Develop SOPs for everything you do that doesn’t currently have one
  5. Document all new and existing processes (“SOPs”) and store them in a central location for easy access
  6. Create and automate a follow-up sequence for after clients/customers work or buy from you
  7. Invest in relevant Private Label Rights (PLR) content
  8. Develop a mindset of, “can this be an email?” and only host meetings when necessary
  9. Make it easy for customers to contact you
  10. Review + optimise + systemise client onboarding process  <—how can it be improved to save time, money, and resources?
  11. Review + optimise + systemise team member onboarding process <—how can it be improved to save time, money, and resources?
  12. Create a process to review Google Analytics regularly
  13. Setup chatbots to answer Facebook questions
  14. Systemise call bookings
  15. Automate or systemise payment processing
  16. Create a task management process


  1. Add a clear Call to Action (CTA) to every web page
  2. Improve brand consistency on all media and platforms
  3. Update messaging on all social media profiles
  4. Improve SEO on your website and content to get more traffic
  5. Upgrade to better systems/technologies as budget allows
  6. Convert to cloud-based software and apps
  7. Optimise for the customer journey across the services you offer
  8. Delegate or outsource the things you don’t like to do or aren’t good at
  9. Optimise your social profiles for conversion
  10. Refine advertising targeting
  11. Remove content, services, and tasks that are no longer relevant or unnecessary
  12. Optimise all customer touchpoints
  13. Update business and website legals
  14. Optimise your entire online presence for coherence and consistency
  15. Update USP, vision/mission, and messaging across your online presence
  16. Start an email list or segment your existing one
  17. Switch to the Profit First accounting method
  18. Optimise your sales/checkout process to streamline and improve customer experience
  19. Update your About and Services pages content
  20. Optimise your website to be responsive, mobile-friendly, and conversion-focused
  21. Upgrade your existing or add a new video call backdrop
  22. Add live chat features to your website to improve customer connection and conversion


ways to grow your business in 2020

41 Ways To Grow Your Business


  1. Create a sales funnel to bring in new leads
  2. Develop an annual marketing plan – and execute!
  3. Create a consistent social media posting schedule
  4. Develop a customer referral system
  5. Create a customer loyalty program for your current clientele
  6. Encourage online reviews – not just on social media
  7. Create an SEO strategy to bring in business clients on autopilot
  8. Get and display testimonials from current and previous clients/customers
  9. Implement marketing to encourage customers to buy more frequently
  10. Employ influencer marketing
  11. Market your success stories
  12. Reach out to old clients/customers to share about new services or offer a free catchup call
  13. Setup cart-abandonment sequences (opt-ins, nurture sequences)
  14. Use the power of storytelling to connect with your ideal client
  15. Set goals – financial, business, personal, audience


  1. Develop and implement a focused content marketing strategy
  2. Perform content gap analysis with competitors to identify opportunities for growth
  3. Hire a money specialist – mentor/mindset/accountant/PFP for strategic financial advice
  4. Learn new skills that will complement your service offerings or help you achieve your goals
  5. Undertake professional development in your field and advertise your badges online
  6. Hire a VA to leverage your time
  7. Prioritise – stop doing #allthethings! Focus on tasks and opportunities that drive your business forward.


  1. Add passive income streams to your business
  2. Attend relevant trade shows, conferences, events, meetups
  3. Build a Facebook group
  4. Collaborate with other businesses who serve similar clients
  5. Consider cold email strategies
  6. Create a digital product to sell
  7. Develop an email campaign to your list to sell your products or services
  8. Create targeted lead magnets to grow your email list
  9. Do Facebook Lives to share your message and connect with your audience
  10. Pitch guest posts to successful bloggers with an audience relevant to your business
  11. Invest in paid advertising to reach new markets or expand your audience
  12. Join new Facebook or Mastermind groups
  13. Invest time in networking
  14. Share your personal side with your audience (as much as you are comfortable with)
  15. Speak at an event or conference (including online)
  16. Start a YouTube channel
  17. Develop an affiliate partner program
  18. Try a new marketing strategy or channel
  19. Upsell higher value products and services to existing clients/customers

How To Use This List

You might be feeling a little overwhelmed right now. That’s okay – it’s a big list!

But there’s a simple way to actually make this list work for you – just start small and go from there. Just like the old saying about how to eat an elephant, just take one bite at a time.

Review all the suggestions above, remove the ones that don’t apply for you, and identify the ones you can do quickly and easily. Do those first. Then take another look and see what’s not too difficult or time-consuming and start on those. And so on.

The key is to start.

Optimise and Grow Your Business Now For Future Success

Find a few simple things you can do and do them. Then, make a point to pick one more thing off the list and work on it. Schedule it into your calendar so it doesn’t get pushed aside. And just keep picking away at the elephant.

Each and every item on this list is something that will optimise and grow your business over time – even those little nitpicky things. Start optimising and growing your business today.

Get Help

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