Your business success will often sink or swim based on the way you market it. While there is no shortage of marketing strategies, storytelling always has great success.

Brand storytelling teaches people who you are, what you do, and why they should follow you and buy from you. When you run a solo or small business, there are certain storytelling elements and strategies that you need to understand to get the best results.

Before we continue let me just explain quickly what a “Brand Story” is.

Brand storytelling is all about: 

  • the use of real-life, authentic, emotional stories shared in a way that fosters customer loyalty
  • connecting the hearts and minds of customers to shared values and ideals
  • taking your audience/customers on a journey that shares your ideals, goals, mission, or vision
  • sharing behind the scenes reality and where you’ve come from

Brand storytelling is so popular because:

  • an audience-centric approach can be used to achieve commercial objectives
  • it utilises interactive media to entertain, inform, and persuade rather than pushy sleazy marketing
  • the emotional charge of storytelling skyr