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Master the Art of Brand Storytelling with These 7 Tips

Your business success will often sink or swim based on the way you market it. While there is no shortage of marketing strategies, storytelling always has great success.

Brand storytelling teaches people who you are, what you do, and why they should follow you and buy from you. When you run a solo or small business, there are certain storytelling elements and strategies that you need to understand to get the best results.

Before we continue let me just explain quickly what a “Brand Story” is.

Brand storytelling is all about: 

  • the use of real-life, authentic, emotional stories shared in a way that fosters customer loyalty
  • connecting the hearts and minds of customers to shared values and ideals
  • taking your audience/customers on a journey that shares your ideals, goals, mission, or vision
  • sharing behind the scenes reality and where you’ve come from

Brand storytelling is so popular because:

  • an audience-centric approach can be used to achieve commercial objectives
  • it utilises interactive media to entertain, inform, and persuade rather than pushy sleazy marketing
  • the emotional charge of storytelling skyrockets conversion rates
  • it increases connection, engagement, and action within the audience
  • stories are more likely to be shared which increases brand reach and exposure

Consider the following points to master the art of brand storytelling.

1. Know Thyself

Before you execute any marketing strategy, you need to get clear on who you are and what you want potential customers to know about you.

Building a brand is all about:

  • teaching people who you are
  • what you do
  • and what they can expect from you

With storytelling, you get to control your marketing narrative and how you are perceived. You get to take your audience on a journey. And when you share yourself, your vision, your mission, your values. . . your tribe will form faster and conversions will increase.

Businesses that know who they are and what they stand for (and stick to it) get more brand engagement than a business that throws a lot of ideas out there, sharing surface level stuff, hoping for the best.

So take some time to revisit your why, your big vision, or the core principles you stand for to define the message you want to share and the journey you want to take your audience on.

2. Understand Your Overarching Goals

If you’re going to win big with your brand storytelling, you need to start with some goals.

These can be qualitative or quantitative goals.

For instance, you might set goals related to return on investment, increase traffic, more followers, more views or reach, more audience engagement, and other such metrics.

For qualitative goals, you might want to improve the content that you’re creating or improve posting consistency.

Once you have your goals outlined you can build out your storytelling approach to align with them.

3. Use blogs and videos for long-form brand storytelling

Blogs and videos are one of the best ways to tell stories that grow your brand. It gives you a chance to express yourself and tell the story of the brand, while also attracting an audience of potential clients/followers with free content.

Sharing your story through written or video formats (ideally both!) can quickly capture the minds and hearts of your followers. The flow of a blog/video series takes that visitor on a mini journey of getting to know you, your business,, and what you’re all about. This type of content, when branded effectively, can dramatically increase the know, like, trust factor for your business and shorten the time to conversion.

Use your why and values from point 1 above, paired with your goals from point 2, and map out a blog/video content plan that leads your audience on a journey that not only tells your story but also achieves your desired marketing goals.

4. Use Social Media and EMail Marketing to Tell Stories Every Day

Just like your favourite series on Netflix, consistently releasing content is critical in keeping your audience engaged.

Social media and email marketing enables you to tell your brand stories in bite-sized, easy-to-consume chunks that attract, nurture and convert followers into paying clients.

Posting to social media or emailing your list regularly and consistently enables you to continually keep your brand front of mind. It also allows you to tell your story and activate your audience in a variety of different ways from long-form posts to questions to live video.

Use the social media platforms that are most suited for your brand to get the best response from your brand storytelling.

5. Cross-Promote With Others

When you want your business to get some leverage use cross-promotion or collaboration to spread your message to a wider or new audience.

To get the best result from sharing your brand through others, like influencers or JVs, choose to partner with others who have audiences that share similar values to yours and media types that the existing audience will instantly connect with.

6. Tell Stories through Ads

When you’re putting together ads to promote your business, think about what you’re giving rather than just what you hope to gain. After all, brand storytelling is all about sharing your values and mission to attract an audience that aligns.

Storytelling in your ads creates a lot more value than simply posting static messages or putting information out in a non-creative way.

Use your ads to entertain people, tell a real story, or share something to create an emotional response. This creates an amazing experience for the end viewer and invokes action.

7. Be authentic

Nothing connects, motivates, and sells better than authentic marketing. Especially when you’re a solopreneur or small business. So be yourself!


  • your goals, your vision, your values, your beliefs.
  • behind-the-scenes reality and your journey.
  • tips, tricks and real-life experiences.
  • your face, your passions and where you’ve come from.
  • from the heart, be vulnerable, be honest, be authentically you.

It doesn’t matter…

  • how fancy your branding is,
  • whether you have a crappy website or not, or
  • if you share your message from your bedroom instead of a fancy recording studio…

By just being your authentic self and sharing what you’re passionate about (doesn’t matter if it’s climate change or graphic design), your tribe will naturally be attracted to your business, engage with your content, share your message, and buy from you without any pushy, hard, technical marketing strategy.  #easyeffortlessmarketing

I’ve seen a tonne of marketing campaigns in my time, and the most successful are with the people who show up and share authentically and consistently.

So just be you and share your thing.

Nail Your Brand Storytelling

Brand storytelling is a smart strategy to take when you want your marketing to be organic and impactful. If you action the tips above consistently, you will notice your audience engage and expand, and in turn improve your marketing ROI.

BUT if you’re already putting out tonnes of content but feel like you’re not creating a connection with your audience, take our Authentic Storytelling eCourse and learn how to craft powerful brand stories to use in your marketing so that you can connect with your dream clients in a powerful and profound way.

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