One of the most important elements of building your business is to start with a solid foundation. Making sure your freelance contract essentials are covered is a critical first step.

Shalini Nandan-Singh is a contract specialist whose mission is to provide the knowledge, tools and confidence you need to know where you stand – and to stand your ground.

She believes that your business legals should be an authentic extension of your business, creating positive business boundaries that support you in working with your clients with compassion and understanding.

Shalini is a strong believer that formal, confusing legal language should be a thing of the past. She believes that the whole point of business legals is to create tailored documents and discussions that make life simpler for you to run your business. Simpler legals also make it easy for your clients to understand how you can help, and their obligations for things to work.

As part of the Spotlight Series, I interviewed Shalini to find out exactly how legals can help you optimise and grow your business. I also wanted to dig into the specifics around how legals can not only be used to protect, but also act as a handy self-advocacy tool for when you’re doing it all solo and need extra support and confidence to s