Nurturing new leads is just as, if not more important than, the initial lead generation.

Yes, it’s important to get people looking at your content, signing up to your freebies and offers, or opting in for your webinar/video series. But what happens to those leads after they’ve signed up?

Enter: Lead Nurturing Automations

This is the step that comes after you’ve carefully selected your email list leads.

. . .You’ve created the perfect opt-in that sees you raking in potential clients like leaves on an autumn day.
. . .You’ve weeded out the ones that weren’t really that interested in the first place.
. . .Now that you’ve got them, you need to take care of them.

Nobody likes to be forgotten about. So why do we leave our leads to wither and die in the sun once the webinar is all said and done?

They say that a potential customer requires between 5-10 “touchpoints” before they become a buyer. That means you need to be front and centre in their mind up to 10 times before they might consider working with you.

Your initial opt-in and webinar do count as some of these touchpoints, but the rest come from follow up nurturing. Your follow-up touchpoints, often delivered via email, will keep your business fresh in their mind.

But don’t worry, I said we could automate these steps. So, let’s walk through what they are.

The Check-Up

This is the follow up that comes just after your webinar or offer has concluded. A day or so after the event is ideal – the information will be fresh and you can remind them how your paid offer can benefit them.

You’ll be “checking up” on your leads – asking for feedback on your webinar, presenting your paid offers, and showcasing how you can help them. Think of it as seeing your audience after stepping off-stage and asking them “what did you think?”

The ‘How Are We Doing?’

This one should come a bit later, a few days to a week after the first is a good time frame. Consider this as asking your leads how they’re doing; they signed up to your offer but didn’t convert.

What might the potential issue have been, and how can you solve that for them?

This is the perfect opportunity to give out another small piece of advice that helps position you as an expert in your field. You may do a call-back to something you said in your webinar, or you might want to bring something new.

The Actionable Gift

Send another follow up that includes actionable steps your lead can take before working with you. This might be a planning sheet they can use or tips on how to be productive in the mornings. Give them something they can use and try.

You may also want to remind them of your prices and any available payment plans. Your leads may be at a tipping point; a gentle nudge could tip them over in your favour.

The Open Invitation

This should include another offer your lead might like that’s not necessarily connected to the original webinar they signed up for. It could be another freebie or a paid offer, but just like your first offer, it should be packed full of value.

This new offer could be to invite them to your closed group or group call sessions, an in-person networking event, or another inclusive offer. You want to make your lead feel like a VIP, getting access to lots of awesome stuff just by working with you.

Lead Nurturing Automations

So now that we’ve got the framework, it’s time to talk automation.

The type of automation you choose will largely depend on the platforms you use in your business, but many email service providers offer similar functions.

The list you built for this webinar or offer is now available for you to send automations to. Select the list, create your follow-up email, and hit send.

But it can be even easier than that: You can create your follow up emails in advance. You can create them before you even launch your webinar!

Set the schedule for your automations, and you won’t even have to lift a finger for those follow-up messages to go out into the world. You can set whichever schedule you like: 1 day between emails, 1 week, or date specific.

By utilising lead nurturing and automations, you’re ensuring that you aren’t letting your leads dry out in the sun. Part of business is about building relationships. Make your leads feel heard, listened to, and inspired by you.

And it can be as easy as setting up a few automated emails.

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