When you find yourself in the middle of a quiet period in your business you may find yourself wondering how to increase online sales, and fast! 

Firstly, there’s nothing to be ashamed of if you find yourself in a ‘quieter’ month in your business, regardless of whether you are a start-up or in the growth stage. There loads of reasons for why your client load is smaller than usual, such as:

  • Coming off the back of or leading into a holiday period
  • Recovering after being sick or caring for a sick family member
  • Finishing up some big projects without replacing these with new clients
  • Finding yourself in the middle of an unforeseen worldwide health pandemic!

Yes, these ebbs and flows happen to us all in business. The key is being prepared so that you can handle the change and manage the inconsistencies.

First things first – get a plan in place

Inconsistencies in income can cause panic, anxiety, or affect stress levels and this is only natural. We all have bills to pay.

If you’re a business owner, freelancer, or solopreneur who is plagued by killer months followed by woeful ones, or who lurches from client flood to client famine, then it’s time to get a plan in place that you can follow when those quieter times hit.

Having a plan (that you know works!) allows you to focus your energy on implementing tried and tested effective tactics that are going to see you increase online sales when it matters the most to your bottom line (and your general sanity).

However, this plan is different from any of the other business strategies you’ve got lying around. This one will rely on the work you’ve already done to date on your marketing, branding, and positioning.

This plan is all about tapping into relationships you’ve built throughout the course of your business.

Relationships such as:

  • Email lists
  • Referral networks
  • Past colleagues
  • Present collaborators
  • Social media following
  • Website audience

It doesn’t really matter how big your business circle is, all that matters is that you have one and in this article we’re going to talk about how you can tap it.

So, here are 4 ways to increase online sales when you’ve got time to kill and a cash flow to boost.

Tip #1: Increase online sales by engaging your email list

Your email list should be your number 1 go to for when you want to make fast sales.

Even though the outcome is always a sale, the approach can be different. You could:

  • Follow up with old clients and customers to check in and let them know what you’re up to
  • Tell your email list about a new offer that you’ve launched
  • Promote a flash sale or special offer or coupon codes
  • Showcase your latest results, testimonials, or case studies

Each of these campaigns will require a carefully thought out email sequence so that you’re not constantly seen to be pushing a sale.

Of course don’t forget that during quieter times you can always improve your current email marketing sequences. Having extra time on your hands is perfect for when you need to revise any nurture or onboarding sequences that welcome new subscribers or buyers to your list.

Unsure where to start in this space? Check out our Email Marketing Masterclass to get your email working for you.


Tip #2: Increase your spend budget to make more sales

As the old adage goes, you’ve got to spend money to make money. But lucky for you, you don’t have to spend a lot if you know where to target your strategy.

And when it comes to making more sales online, target another warm audience avenue: your current website visitors, through ad campaigns.

Retargeting ad campaigns can be done through either Google or Facebook and the strategy here is to advertise to people who are already familiar with your website, or a particular offering you have. 

If you’re looking to increase sales of a specific product or service, your ad campaign can be honed to only target those people who have previously visited the related sales or landing pages.

This will niche down your ad campaign and, coupled with the right copy and imagery, you might find that your sales increase sooner than you think.

Implementing the right retargeting campaign for your business means understanding what the traffic is doing on your website right now through the powerhouse tool that is Google Analytics. Learn more in our Google Analytics Training Session.


Tip #3: Improve your touchpoints with your customers to increase your sales

Good marketers will tell you that the greater the number of touchpoints a customer has with your business the more likely they will buy from you.

So, in this regard, you are going to want to put your brand front of mind as many times as possible with your target audience. 

But again, we’re not talking flashy, pushy sales techniques here. We’re talking genuine connections that prove to your customers that your offerings are better than your competitors.

Stand out from your competitors by:

  • Going local – attend a local business expo, reach out on local Facebook groups, offer support to local businesses, provide your expertise for free at local libraries.
  • Building or tapping into existing referral networks – ask for referrals, offer referrals, join paid referral networks (such as BNI) or seek out some of your local business groups.
  • Get social – audit all your social profiles and create consistent and branded posts across all mediums that are relevant for your audience.

The easier you make it for customers to interact with your business on their buying journey, whether that’s through online ads, receiving emails from you, reading your blog posts, or seeing your presence on social media; the more likely they are to trust you and then buy from you.

If social media isn’t your strong point, check out our Social Media Marketing Class.


Tip #4: Say no to processes that are no longer converting sales

One of the best ways you are going to see an increase in online sales is by saying no to the processes that are no longer converting, because these are probably taking up a lot of your administrative time and effort!

Take a closer look at your content management system or your email marketing platform to determine which sales funnels or campaigns just aren’t converting. Turn them off.

If you have some funnels that are converting but just not at the rate you’d like to see, then use this time to tighten these – check that the upsells and cross-sells are relevant, rework the copy, focus on your branding, seek reviews of the offering.

When you’ve improved your current funnels, then again, tap into your networks and relationships and relaunch them through your email marketing, social media profiles, or advertising campaign.

Spending time on improving the content you already have available to your audience is going to always bring you some ROI rather than madly creating new content and hoping it sticks.


Take the time for positive proactive marketing

At the end of the day there are going to be events that affect our business bottom line that are out of our control.

Instead of spiralling into a state of panic, focus on what you can control and choose positive proactive marketing, where you leverage the hard work you’ve done in your business to date and you remind your audience of why you’ve got the solution to their problem.

  • Start with your email marketing – go for genuine connection over pushy sales copy
  • Move onto your social media channels – remind your followers why they clicked the thumbs up in the first place
  • Focus on your content – improve and optimise your current content for organic SEO gains
  • Connect with your customers – improve the touchpoints they have with your business during their buying journey

You can also take a proactive positive look into your business to help you find your direction and get back on track by leveling up your strategy.

Because if not now, then when?


To facilitate your business growth and stabilise cash flow check out our latest Proactive Positive Marketing Bundle and take control of the quieter months.