The odds are you’ve heard of Google Analytics – especially if you’ve been hanging in my circles for more than 5 minutes! – and you probably know it’s something you can use to maximise the success of your business. You may even be using it already (high-5’s to you!).

It’s an incredibly powerful tool for anyone with an online element to their business, but like anything techy it often causes people to sigh, roll their eyes, or groan at the mention of it.

Google Analytics is one of those things that puts the fear in people’s hearts because of all of the numbers, graphs and the overwhelming amount of options.

It can feel complicated to set up and use, and even if you can get it working, you’re not quite sure what to do with the data you get out of it.

Google Analytics is actually a simple way of measuring the traffic to your website, and the behaviour of said traffic.

Yet tools are only as powerful as your ability to understand