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  • experience to share
  • ideas to explore
  • new strategies and systems to talk about
  • actionable insights our audience can use

Then, let’s explore the idea of working together to publish your article on the Optimise + Grow Online blog.

We love to accept articles that our audience base will find helpful and engaging.

Freelance writer submissions welcome.

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Our Blog Audience

Readers are typically:

  • Coaches, consultants, small online business owners, Virtual Assistants, marketing professionals, creative business owners, creative and digital freelancers, course creators, service-based businesses, building and running remote teams.
  • Located Australia, USA, UK, Canada, New Zealand.
  • 60% Female, 40% Male
  • usually 25-55 years old
  • They are big fans of personal and business development podcasts, books, interviews, TED talks.
  • Love “how to”, list style, and strategy based articles.
  • Are solopreneurs or have small businesses with 3-20 staff

Our readers are interested in:

Small business optimisation and growth, online business development, digital marketing, freelancing, online business software and tools, customer experience optimisation, digital lead generation and advertising, copywriting, sales strategies, ecommerce, online business management, remote team growth and management, hiring and managing remote teams, scaling online business, membership management, creating courses, automation, making business easier and faster, passive income, website development, CPC advertising, etc.

Our readers are not interested (and therefore we will not publish) articles about:

  • loans, personal finance, investment, cryptocurrency
  • app development
  • spirituality or religion
  • software not suited to online business operations or service delivery

Guest Blog Submission Information

A successful guest blog is:

  • Well researched
  • Well written
  • Original content
  • Valuable to our audience (outlined below)

Submit useful, original content only

Please provide an unpublished article written by you. You must also provide appropriate attribution for any content in your post that is not yours (e.g., images, quotes, statistics, etc.).

Republish after 6 months (no sooner)

Please only republish your article no sooner than six months after it goes live on Optimise + Grow’s blog and attribute the original source with a backlink. This ensure that your post will not be considered duplicate content by search engines.

Share the article

Tweet, like, share to your social networks, and email the article to your email list. Add comments to the article. Promote and link to the article on your website. We do not include promotion of your post to our networks unless you have paid sponsorship placement.

Proofread, spell check, and format BEFORE you submit

Please take the time to make sure your submission has been:

  • proofread by someone other than you
  • makes logical sense and gives the reader some benefit or learning
  • grammar and spell-checked for Australian English (not US or UK)
  • formatted into easy to read paragraphs, and uses headings and subheadings appropriately

We will double-check the grammar, spelling, and formatting but if it’s sloppy, we are unlikely to publish it.

We do not accept articles that are…

  • hateful or discriminatory
  • political
  • sexual
  • promote harm or significant risk
  • give specific financial or investment advice
  • spammy
  • poorly written
  • do not offer our readers some value or takeaway learning

We reserve the right to request edits

If there is something we don’t feel comfortable publishing, you’ll be notified and given the opportunity to make changes. If you decide it will alter the article more than you like, you can opt to withdraw it.


All guest blog posts that provide value to our audience are sharing links to external sites of no competition to our business are unpaid, and free to submit as often as you like. The writer is unpaid, and it is free to share your approved article. 

The following article types are posted only via paid placement:

  • sponsored posts
  • advertorials
  • guest blogs that are promoting a competitor business
  • guest blogs that are of no value to our direct audience
  • guest blogs with affiliate links

These types of posts are accepted for a small advertising & publishing fee. Click here for details.

Backlinks, Exposure, Visibility

Backlinks and do-follow links are permitted, as long as they make sense and are to a non-spammy, non-competitive location.

You agree the article may be used in an ebook

We may choose to compile the best articles on our blog into an ebook. If that’s the case with your article, you will be attributed as the author which will provide more exposure. But there will be no compensation.


Keep everything straight-forward. Disclose any affiliate links and acknowledge of you are referencing people or companies with which you have a commercial relationship, including if you work for or as a representative for a company you are promoting.

Nothing black hat

It should go without saying, but just in case, remember…

  • No keyword stuffing
  • No spammy links
  • No plagiarism
  • No taking credit for the work of others

No Guarantees

Once we’ve received your blog post, remember that we’ll review it – but that doesn’t guarantee we’ll publish it. We’ll do our best to provide feedback when possible, but we’ll reject and ignore posts that are spammy, self-promotional, off-topic or not suitable for our outlined audience. Please understand that we probably won’t have time to explain if your post is rejected.

Guest Blog Submission Process

Step 1: Submit your blog post idea(s)

  • Familiarise yourself with the guidelines, expectations, and suggestions on this page.
  • Submit our Guest Blog Pitch form (below) with a few topic ideas *before* you draft anything.
  • Follow up if you don’t hear back in a reasonable time. We might miss your email due to spam filters or email overload, but we do want to hear from you!
  • If we accept your pitch, Congratulations! You’ll be invited to joining our growing team of guest contributors and submit your article.

Please Note: If you skip Step 1 (the article pitch) and submit articles directly to us, we may decline publishing your submitted article as it may not meet our publishing criteria.

Step 2. Submit Your Guest Blog

Submit your post as a Google/Word Doc

Once your blog post idea has been approved for consideration, please supply the guest post article as a Google or Word Doc. Send the link and don’t forget to set the share permissions so we can see it!

A minimum of 750 words per blog is required. We recommend 1000-2500 words.

Include 1-5 images (royalty-free)

Please supply 1-5 appropriate images to accompany your article. The images must be royalty-free with an attribution link OR may be your own original images.  Indicate in the article document where you would like the images placed, and which image is to be the featured image.

Images must be submitted separate to article.

Include Author Headshot, Blog Bio, Social Links & Website URL

  • Please supply an author headshot (square image)
  • Author’s full name
  • Author’s email address
  • A short bio about the author (100-150 words)
  • Social links (LinkedIn profile, Facebook link, Instagram link etc.)
  • Website or Portfolio link (if applicable)

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Best Practice for Guest Post Writing

Shoot for 1000-2000 words

This is not written in stone, but aiming for around 1000-2000 words is ideal for our audience.

Spend time to write a great title

The best bloggers often spend as much time on their titles as on their articles. We urge you to do the same. If you need help, check out our How to Write Compelling Headlines article. Another great source is How to Write Magnetic Headlines at Copyblogger.

Write “you copy”

The best articles are about the reader and what’s in it for them. Whenever possible, write your article keeping what is useful and interesting to the reader in mind. For example:

BAD:  I’ll be writing about how to use Google Analytics

GOOD: You’ll learn how to use Google Analytics for your business.

When in doubt, count the number of times you use “you” or “yours” and compare it to the times you use “me, I, mine, we, us.” Yous should outnumber Mes.

Provide next steps for your readers

If your article is popular, readers may want to connect or take next steps with you. Make it easy for them by providing your website, email, or preferred contact method.

How-To Articles Are Always Popular

Readers love specific, detailed, step-by-step ‘how-to articles. Consider this format if your experience and topic support it.

Photos & Videos Are Effective

We encourage you to include your own photos, source images (with attribution, of course), and embed videos.

Lists Work Well

Lists are a well-proven format that readers love. If your topic is suited to it, consider writing a list post.