Note: This post includes affiliate links which means that if you make a purchase, we will receive a small thank you commission at no additional cost to you. This does not impact our reviews and comparisons – we only recommend tools we have used extensively and love!


We’ve tried and used a LOT of course platforms, email platforms, online stores over the years. And right now, Simplero is winning for us because it just makes running and growing online businesses so easy.

Our 27 Reasons To Love Simplero

1. A True One-Stop-Shop For Growing Online Businesses. . .

Simplero seriously includes #allthethings you could ever want to grow your online business.

Whether you’re creating online courses or membership sites, or you’re after an email automation system that is set up and ready to go, Simplero has it all.

Think. . . lists, courses, opt-in pages, lead/question forms, mini-sites, membership, forums, opt-in forms, checkout, emails, automation, income and sales, payment plans, CRM, terms and conditions, private member pages and content (videos/audios), affiliate centre, client value tracking, lead management, client and sales data. . .

And even a nifty help desk!

2. . . .Which Means No Zaps Required #winning

If you’ve ever had to connect apps or platforms with Zapier or another similar tool, then you know how fraught it can be with technical issues.

Simplero takes care of it all for you, thanks to a platform that runs smoothly without requiring integrations with anything else.

Seriously – #winning.

3. Glitch-Free Integrations

But if you DO find you need to integrate with a financial, scheduling, or webinar app (such as Xero, QBO, Acuity, Bonjoro etc), then you can breathe a sigh of relief.

Because integrations – like everything in Simplero – just, well. . . work. 

4. Lockdown Media From Being Downloaded Or Copied At All
(or just within the refund period)

When someone signs up for your course or membership site, you can rest easy knowing they can’t download or copy your media files unless you expressly allow it. Or, you can just limit downloads during the refund period.

This makes it super easy to manage the ownership of your content.

5. Highly Functional Automations

There are email automations. And THEN there are Simplero’s highly functional automations, which have so many awesome options.

You can add one-click stop/start/pause for subscribers. Add behaviour and purchase-based triggers to start, pause, or end an automation.

And so.much.more!

6. Default Emails Are Ready To Go

Ever spent hours writing dry system emails? (yawn)

Not with Simplero. All the default emails you could ever possibly want to use for your sales funnels, online courses, or membership areas are well laid out and already established. So you can realistically start on day one.

No more setting up “payment thank yous,” “login detail emails,” or “payment reminder emails” that need to be created from scratch.  This definitely gets our UX vote!

7. Track And Monitor Income For Growing Online Businesses

See quickly – at a glance – the income you’ve made from each offer and each contact by month and quarter.

The system also includes options for GST/VAT/multi-currency (a feature that many otherwise awesome similar all-in-ones like Podia do not have).

8. Multiple Payment Gateway Options

There are multiple options available for you to take payments via Stripe, Paypal, or bank transfer.

And the best part is you can select which options you want to use for each individual product or offer, making it SO EASY to track your income.

9. Stellar Support

Some of the plans offered by Simplero come with bonus onboarding concierge hours. These are an awesome way to get personalised advice from a Simplero Pro on your setup.

Simplero’s help desk support team is very quick to respond and super helpful. They also have a massive knowledge base with detailed how-to info and a Facebook Group for support, too.

All of which adds up to eriously stellar support.

10. Central Data Point

No more flitting between multiple systems, trying to gather insights on your course performance.

With Simplero, you can gather everything in one place, right there within the platform. And, it has direct integration with Google Analytics (so awesome for us data nerds 😉).

11. Killer Email Hack

Along with emails that are already set up and good to go, Simplero has an ah-mazing killer email hack! It checks the links in your emails for you.

Yes, that’s right. The system checks to see if your links are broken or not, which you can see at a glance. Never send out another email with a broken link again! #winning

12. Personalisation Is Next-Level

We all know personalisation is key for email marketing success. But Simplero takes it to the next level with personalisation options for landing pages and login pages.

Here’s an example to show you the killer difference in messages for members vs non-members:



13. Contact Files In Your CRM

Simplero can also act as your CRM so you can see all your contacts’ data in one place. This means you can quickly see:

  • What your customers have access to and what they don’t
  • Where your contacts’ payment plans are up to
  • How much your contacts have invested with you

There are also custom fields available, allowing you to customise the information you gather.

14. Great Course Features And Navigation

Simplero courses are super easy to navigate for users. And they offer a multitude of great features for creators, such as:

  • Set up timed open/close of checkout (no more staying up until midnight to shutdown your sales page!)
  • Redirection to waiting list page when cart closes
  • Course previews for non-members
  • Redirection to sign-up page from course preview pages
  • Easily add customers to multiple courses at the same time

15. Easy Payments

Payment should never to be a roadblock for your future students or customers. And with Simplero, it never is.

You can easily set up payment levels and instalment plans for any of your offerings. You can also include secret links to special prices and options for event pricings as well.

16. Set Up Your Own Affiliate Centre

With only a few clicks to get started, Simplero has made it super easy to set up your own affiliate centre and build your passive income. All default emails and onboarding messages are already set. All you need to do is set your terms, affiliate rate, and select your associated products.

17. No Coding Required

Create as many mini-sites, membership sites, and landing pages as your plan allows using Simplero’s easy drag and drop functionality.

Easily create a fresh and easy to navigate site – no coding required!

18. Top Class Media Library

A media library that allows you to store all media files, and easily too. So you can quickly get links to all your resources for leads and clients.

No need to store your files in multiple places ever again. A quick copy and paste – and your contacts will have access to the latest versions.

19. Set Up Your Own Help Desk

One of the most time-consuming aspects of running an online course or membership site can be the time it takes to help customers with technical issues.

Simplero has a built-in help desk option so that your customers can easily submit questions or support tickets. It also allows you to track answers and keep up to date on common FAQs.

20. Interactive Media And Resources

Engage leads and customers alike with interactive worksheets and quizzes. Include these in course content, as lead magnets, or as interactive form style questionnaires.

Great for boosting engagement!

21. Fully Customisable

Simplero has made it easy to add your branding to your sites, pages, and emails so they are unique to your business. There is also CSS coding available if you need something more substantial. Custom domains are available for complete brand cohesion.

22. Rule The World Plan For Growing Online Businesses

Simplero’s Rule The Wolrd Plan includes multiple membership sites which can be assigned to different domains and brands. So you can run multiple mini-sites for each offering.

This option is perfect for multi-passionate entrepreneurs.

23. Engage Through Membership Forums

Along with easy membership sites setup, you can also choose whether to host membership forums. These can be set to either private or public, allowing you to keep track of conversations easily with different members.

24. Perfect For Consultants And Coaches

If it’s important that your customers only access products upon signing a formal agreement, then this can be fully managed within Simplero settings.

Perfect for consultants and coaches.

25. Simplero Website, Anyone?

Want to make your entire website with Simplero – you absolutely can!

It has all the functionality of a web design or CMS you need … plus the awesome integrations, as well.

26. Huge Savings

Admittedly, for start-ups growing online businesses, the cost may seem a little steep. However, there are huge savings available if you are currently paying for multiple services.

The figures may work in your favour, particularly if you’re currently paying for:

  • video hosting on Vimeo
  • an email marketing provider
  • course provider
  • premium website plugins
  • affiliate plugins
  • extra website hosting
  • Zapier integrations
  • paying someone or spending your time to gather data from #allthelocations
  • eCommerce plugins, extensions, hosting
  • premium CRM
  • pop-up plugins
  • landing page builders

27. Simplero Is So Freaking Easy To Setup!

One of the most compelling reasons to try Simplero is that it is just so easy to setup and use. Why struggle with integrating and keeping track of multiple platforms when you can do it ALL IN ONE? One that just works.

Seriously, if you use a ton of separate tools, or you offer a number of things and need micro-sites, the Rule The World plan is totally worth it.

Try Simplero for yourself today. You’ll be 27 reasons glad you did!

Note: This post includes affiliate links which means that if you make a purchase, we will receive a small thank you commission at no additional cost to you. This does not impact our reviews and comparisons – we only recommend tools we have used extensively and love!