I’ve been getting a few questions from new clients lately that all generally come back to “How can I grow my business effectively?”

1 simple question, hundreds of possible answers… 

BUT there are actually 3 simple steps to business growth (and effective marketing) that underpin all possible answers on how you can grow your business effectively:

  1. Find an audience
  2. Figure out what they need or want
  3. And then deliver it.

And to do those 3 things you really just need ONE thing… and that is to LISTEN. 

Now, if you have been in business for any length of time you will know that finding out what your customer wants is crucial to long-term business success. I’ve also found it exceptionally useful at getting businesses up and thriving. 

The way to find out how you can help people is to take the time to build a relationship with your client (or potential clients). Really get to know them by LISTENING to them.

To market yourself, your business, your product or service, one of the very first steps is LISTEN. 

Not listen like a 6 year old does (hear what they want to hear and forget the rest)… Like, really listen. 

Listen to what clients are saying about their particular problem or desires. 
Listen to the language they use.
Listen for how they are trying to solve those problems or desires now.
Listen for WHY they need a solution and the type solution they’d prefer.
Listen to how clients are reacting to competitor solutions.

And if you can’t actively hear them, ASK. 

“I feel stuck in my business”

The most common thing I see when people come to me saying they “feel stuck” with their marketing and stuck in their business growth, is that their product or service was originally created from what they (the business owner) has wanted to create, and not something created based off the needs and wants of the current market or audience. 

This is very much a “build it and they will come” type scenario. And sure, sometimes this works. Sometimes you can even force this work by trying to convince the existing audience this is what they need, or actively going out and finding an audience that matches your offering.

BUT what I’ve found works much much easier is creating solutions (products or services) based off what potential customers are actively seeking now. 

This works because the potential customer is already aware of their problem. They know they need a solution, and they are looking for a solution right now. And if you can deliver that, *BOOM* you’re in business baby! 

So how do you find out what customers want, what they really really want??

A few easy and free options include:

1. Searching Google, forums, Facebook groups, social media, your email inbox to search for:

  • how your ideal clients are describing their problems, 
  • what have they tried
  • what has failed them
  • understand what they “think” they need,
  • where people are searching for solutions, and 
  • what kind of solutions are they looking for now.

2. Audience surveys, quizzes, polls to actively ask for:

  • opinions
  • preferences
  • needs
  • problems
  • what they relate to
  • ideal solutions.

3. Customer surveys before, during and after doing business with you to notice:

  • where your current solutions are excelling, and 
  • where your solutions can be improved to meet the needs of your clients.

4. Reviewing analytics of your website, email marketing, courses, and social media platforms to:

  • see how people are interacting with your business now, and 
  • understand what’s not connecting so that you can improve.

5. Customer testimonials for your business, and reviewing those of your competitors, to tap into:

  • what value they found in your solutions/offerings in the past, 
  • what solutions competitors are offering, 
  • customer’s perception of competitors, 
  • what they like about your competitors
  • What they don’t like about competitor solutions (so that you can solve this need for improvement). 

6. Keyword research to discover: 

  • How people are describing their problem
  • How people are describing their problem 

7. Connect in person at events, meet-ups, webinars or workshops to:

  • build trust and get a deeper understanding of the customers’ trials and tribulations
  • get to know the personalities of the ideal customers facing the problem you solve
  • understand more of who your customer is connected to and listening to for advice on solving their problems 

Now you don’t have to do ALL of these things, just pick a few. Honestly, you’ll be surprised at how much insight can come from google searches, customer reviews and social media listening alone.

Listen to what they’re asking for + create it + tell them about it = SALES (and also easy business growth in my experience)

When you create products or services using this approach to grow your business, marketing and sales are naturally easier as you don’t have to do much “convincing”. Potential customers also know, like and trust you much faster because your solution is exactly what they’ve been looking for.  #winwin.

I hope this article inspires an a-ha moment or two to get you thinking of easier ways to grow your business. Try it out and let me know how it goes for you, I’d love to hear your stories.

And if you’re still feeling stuck, book in a call with me here.

Until next time,

Happy marketing!

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