Some of the best things in life come to us on a recommendation. Like the book you pick up after hearing your colleagues share positive feedback about it. Or the other half you end up marrying after a friend sets you up on a blind date because ‘you’re just perfect for each other’.

Recommendations (or referrals as we often call them in the business world) are incredibly powerful, so much so that they’re an integral aspect of your business.

Research into the areas tells us that as much as 72% of all new business is generated by word of mouth and referrals.

That’s insane, right?

Well brace yourselves because further data indicates that 84% of people view a recommendation from a friend as the most trusted form of advertising.

Most savvy marketers are well aware of the huge benefit of word of mouth for their business, but a lot of the time those referrals just aren’t coming in…. Your clients are all happy with your work, you get the job done on time, and to a high standard, and you’re even friends with a lot of your customers. So where are all those referrals?

As with most things in life, your clients need a little encouragement if they’re going to recommend you…

How To Encourage Your Clients To Recommend You

Let’s face it, we