Lead magnets and email list building don’t have to be complicated. Today we’ll walk through a simple 5 email nurture sequence that you can use to capture, entice, and nurture new leads along their client journey.

The Lead Magnet

Before we begin, you should think about what your lead magnet will be. What’s the driving force that gets people to subscribe to what you’re throwing down?

Classic examples are:

  • a webinar sign-up
  • PDF cheat sheet
  • planner and worksheet

or another freebie that’s relevant to your industry.

Okay, now they’ve decided they want the freebie, it’s time to start nurturing that list!

The Emails To Include In Your Email Nurture Sequence

Email #1: The Thank You Email

With your first email, you’re obviously going to be providing the magnet that drew them in, to begin with. This email will give them a link to the webinar or to download their new PDF. Thank them for signing up with you and give a little extra info on how to make the most of their new goodie.

You want them to feel confident and comfortable in your knowledge and expertise. This email can also include links to your social media, groups, website, or another relevant source.

Tip: To avoid looking spammy, include your links in your email signature.

Email #2: The Check-Up Email

This email can be used to check in with your new list member:

  • How did they go with the freebie?
  • Did they enjoy your webinar?
  • Was the information useful?

You can ask them directly or indirectly for feedback or offer your support if they have further questions regarding the material.

This is also the perfect opportunity to remind them of any up-sells offered in tandem with your lead magnet, such as. . .

. . .sign them up to your paid course

. . .offer a VIP discount for extra products

. . .or ask if they’re interested in working with you 1-on-1.

Tip: Why not include an optional feedback survey for them to complete?

Email #3: The Extra Offer Email

Now you’re building a rapport with this lead, it’s time to show them some of the other things you have to offer. This could be a different service, another upcoming webinar/speaking event, or even another freebie!

This email is all about positioning you as the expert; you’ve seen what their pain points are, now you’re offering solutions specific to those issues.

Consider what additional extras you can include to make your lead feel extra VIP. Do you have a support group on Facebook they can join? An extra PDF for morning mindset routines?

Tip: Always consider how much value your new lead is receiving and aim to maximise it.

Email #4: The Community Builder Email

By now, you want your new lead feeling like they are a part of a larger community. You may even have a nickname for your VIPs (think of Lady GaGa’s “monsters” or Dr. Who’s “Whovians). This type of audience appreciation can help your leads feel included.

In this email, you can share a story to draw your audience in. This story might be about how you started your business, a challenge you overcame or about how your product/service has changed someone’s life.

You should advertise any group events your business participates in – such as in-person or online networking groups, Facebook groups, etc.

Tip: Sometimes your audience will create their own nickname, so keep an eye out on your page or group to see if they refer to themselves in a particular manner.

Email #5: The Additional Invite Email

As a reward for sticking with you, you can now offer your VIPs something new. This might be an invite to your next webinar, or a special discounted rate to join your high-end course or buy your flagship product. This should be an offer that is only extended to your VIP list.

Another thing to consider is offering Early Bird access to your VIPs. Pamper them by giving them early access to buy your latest offer, first dibs on your limited space event or the opportunity to work with you 1-on-1 before the general public.

Tip: Early Bird offers generally include a generous discount, so account for this in your pricing.

Now Go Nurture Those Leads!

Follow this sequence for a simple nurturing plan for your new email list leads. You can fully customise your emails to suit your current offers and events. Change them at any time to include new products/services and prices.

The best part? You can fully automate this nurturing sequence!

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