In this article, we’re going to dive deep into easy ways to sell in your business when you don’t like selling.

It starts with this:

A big part of business is selling, even if you don’t have a product or a store.

Succeeding in business means getting clients or customers to engage with your brand, service or idea, even if they aren’t buying products from you.

When you are trying to convince customers to sign on, join up or hand over any money, you are selling them something.

Furthermore, if you are in business, you need sales to survive. End of story.

But not everybody is a natural salesperson. And the majority of clients I speak to hate selling. Especially when you are running your own business… talking about how great your stuff is compared to the next guy, just doesn’t feel right.

What generally happens when that icky feeling comes is that we:

  • put up walls and our own self-beliefs come into play,
  • make the buying experience harder for the customer,
  • don’t follow up on leads,
  • sabotage sales opportunities like nobody’s business,
  • don’t tell anyone about our awesome stuff!!!

I know the deal, I’ve been there a thousand times myself.

So, today I want to share with you a few easy ways to sell when you don’t li