Video content is the next big thing in online brand visibility and marketing. With free tools and resources readily available to anyone who cares to look, it’s now easier than ever to create your own engaging and exciting video content for your business.

You don’t even have to be the creative type to come up with clever scripts or a special effects extraordinaire to make yourself look good. And, there are plenty of great tools to help evenly the most technically challenged create engaging video content for their business.

What’s even better is that chances are you already have the content!

Re-purposing your existing content is untapped gold for any business because it’s making good use of content you already have out in the world working for you without you having to spend hours creating new content.

So, why should you create video content for your business?

Video content gives your business greater visibility online and can dramatically build your credibility and reach as well. Be it social media or your website, as long as it’s online and it’s searchable, it’s working for you without you having to do all the heavy lifting!

Video content is gaining more and more traction on all online platforms due to its magnetic nature and its accessibility.

So how can you take advantage of this easy exposure and get started with video for your business – without spending hours creating new video content??

These are 5 easy ways you can turn your existing content into engaging marketing videos for your business that you may not have considered…

1. Do you get a lot of questions via your contact page on your website, blog or social media pages?

Instead of replying to each question one by one, you can create a simple, short video to answer those questions.

Upload that video to your website as well as your social media library and you have instant, searchable content that is relevant and of interest to your audience.

FAQ pages are a good way to share these info videos on your website, and posting to your YouTube or Vimeo channel will get a lot of love from interested viewers.

You can even use this content to refer to when someone asks a question later on that can be answered by your already recorded video.

Find a creative name for your regular Q & A program and you’ve just ensure that it will be even more memorable. And, by sharing this type of video content regularly you can acclimatize your audience and get them to make a habit out of listening to you at a certain time every week. Just like a much loved and anticipated regular TV show.


2. Do you have a “how to” style blog?

Short instructional videos that summarise your “how to” content can be used for opt-ins for your email list, or driving your clients towards your course, services or products.

How to video content are a great addition to all channels of your online presence.

How to video content can be embedded into a set of course emails you send out to your list or customers on a drip feed.

A separate page just for your “how to” videos on your website and a well looked after YouTube channel has the potential to create thousands of views for you, especially if you are clever with SEO for your videos. How to videos are amongst the most searched content on YouTube and you want a piece of that pie!

3. Do you network in Facebook groups for new clients?

A short, 30-40 second  “Who I Am & What I Do” video is a great way to give your elevator pitch the edge. Whether you go for something animated and fun or a well written piece to camera style, you will stand out amongst all the other comments for sure.

Introduction videos are ideal for Instagram as well as a pinned video on your Facebook page.

Embed the introduction video on the home page of your website as a well placed welcome message and to keep visitors on your page and engaged with you and your business.

If you opt for a lighthearted tone, you may even include some of the bloopers you recorded. The bloopers themselves make for great social media content!

These short introduction videos are so easy to make! These can even be done with your smartphone or even on a basic editing program on your computer. For added branding awesomeness, use a background with your brand colours or logo if you can.


4. Do you have events with guest speakers?

A short recorded Skype or Zoom interview with each speaker will give you several little videos, once edited and cut into sections, that you can use as promotional material or advertising.

Short interview video content is great for engagement and reach on all social media platforms as well as added to your online event ticketing page. Leverage on the audience of the person you’re interviewing and make sure you tag them in the social media posts, or better yet, get them to share the posts with their own client base.

This type of video content can also be used quite effectively as part of your Facebook ad campaigns to promote and sell tickets to your events.

An added bonus, though not video, you can use the audio track from those conversations and add them to your podcast!


5. Do you deliver courses or workshops?

Whether you do this face to face or online, you already have the content created and structured. This content can be repurposed into short snippets of videos to showcase your expertise in a subject matter and be used to get new speaker’s gigs or even to attract people to your sales funnels via avenues such as Facebook ads. Use them as freebies or drip content or even add them to your YouTube channel or webinars. Deliver in manageable, bite sized chunks and as long as it’s engaging, you will leave your audience wanting more and following the breadcrumbs to your next paid course or workshop.

The dynamic nature of video content means that you get a higher engagement with your targeted audience and you can diversify with your message on several types of media.

By re-purposing your existing content in different ways, you are building a network of information hubs pointing towards each other while also establishing you as a subject matter expert in the topics discussed. Stretching your content out like this means that you reach new audiences, extend your visibility, as well as build your credibility to those who already know you.

Want to get started with video content for your business but not sure where to start or how?

Visit video content strategist Andrea Kaldy over on Facebook and book in a curiosity call with her to learn more about using video for marketing your business online.

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