Reach. Engagement. Conversion.

become the master marketer in your business

Are you looking to get a better ROI from your time, energy and money spent marketing your business?

Wouldn’t you just LOVE to know how to…

Get more clicks through to your website

Boost engagement on your Facebook page

Have more subscribers open and engage with your newsletters

Know what content to create and when that will engage more of your ideal customers

Feel confident that your marketing has purpose, direction and WORKS!

Let’s face it, when you feel like you’ve tried it all and nothing is working you can feel like a failure.

BUT that’s not the case.

With an arsenal of shortcuts and tricks of the trade you can master your marketing and get back to doing more of the work you actually LOVE doing.


That’s where the DRIVE program comes in!

DRIVE! is a 4 part self-study program for small business owners
who want to get better results from their time spent marketing their business online.


Know how to develop and execute an effective online marketing strategy

Have a clear vision of how you can grow your business online

Understand how to find and connect with your followers and customers for greater engagement and conversion

Spend less time trawling through social media for leads, and know how to attract customers to YOU!


4 Core Training Modules

Social Media

Email Marketing

Website & Analytics

Content Strategy

Planning & Tracking Spreadsheets

Nothing exists until it is measured so you will receive tracking spreadsheets to make note of where you’ve been and monitor where you are going.

You will also receive a content planning workbook and spreadsheet to build out everything you’ve learnt into a solid strategy to market and grow your business online.

“DRIVE has definitely changed the way I approach online marketing for my business!

More deliberate, less throwing around random content, more direction.”


Learn + Implement + Excel

As you learn the fundamentals each week of the program, you will implement along the way to keep you on track. This will help you to truly grasp each marketing concept, adapt them for your business, and execute the strategies for long-term momentum for your business.

Develop your skills in…

Social Media Marketing for greater engagement and reach
Email Marketing for more opens and clicks
Improving Customer Experience for more repeat buyers and referrals
Website Optimisation to make it easy for people to buy from you
Understand Google Analytics + SEO for increasing conversions
Strategic Content Planning for attracting more of the right clients

What previous participants are saying …

lynette delane

“You provide soooooooooooooo much information, if anyone ever says they don’t get value you out of your programs, it will almost certainly be their own fault.

A lot of coaches only know a small section of what you teach, but you know how it all fits together and what’s going to work best for each of our businesses.

My biggest take-aways from this program were understanding the power of analytics and learning how to automate as much as you can on secondary social media so you’re still getting reach without adding too much effort.”


andrea kaldy video editing

“I’ve learnt that data is not that scary and that I can do a lot of stuff even with the basic knowledge and understanding now that I know the context of the data I’m looking at.

I finished this course feeling more motivated and confident. I would say “just do it” to anyone considering this course!”


I have created this intensive program because I want you to get results like these too …