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Drive More Traffic To Your Website by Avoiding 5 Common Mistakes

Are you wondering: “How Do I Drive More Traffic To My Website?”

Does this picture summarise how you feel about your inbound marketing strategy right now???

no idea about how to drive more traffic to my website

“Driving traffic to your site is not a big deal if you are ready to work. Paid online marketing is beneficial only till your amount is exhausted. When your amount exhausts, this marketing is stopped. On other hand, free marketing is marketing whose benefits are long lasting.” – SearchEngine Xperts

Driving traffic to your website is hands down the best spend you can make in online business.

Targeted traffic brings more eyes to offers, it spreads reach and authority, and builds networks and opportunities with audiences you want to connect with, that paid advertising would cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to achieve.

Drive more traffic to website to make money online business

When it comes to driving more traffic to your website, it’s so easy to make mistakes; in fact, most of us fall prey to them at some time in our online business journey. By being aware, I hope it’ll help you avoid these mistakes.

Mistake #1 – Lack of strategic focus

lack of marketing strategy to drive more traffic

There are hundreds of different marketing strategies out there in the world. Lots of the them bring in really great results. Trying them all can be very tempting – especially when you are new to business.  Doing a little bit of everything won’t deliver the amazing results you are hoping for though.

How many different marketing strategies are you trying right now?

How many marketing strategies have you committed to for longer than a few months?

Traffic Strategy:

Choose a few select strategies only; strategies that will connect your business with your target audience. Stick to these strategies and give them the attention and time they need to deliver the results you are looking for.

Mistake #2 – Neglecting Pinterest

So many people have the belief that Pinterest is just for pretty pictures of recipes, craft and fashion. In fact, Pinterest is one of the fastest growing social platforms with millions of active users. Pinterest is a powerful search engine, with imagery as the listing results. It is a must have strategy for any business wanting to drive more traffic – businesses in any niche!

Have you explored Pinterest images using search terms or key phrases you are trying rank for in other locations online?

Traffic Strategy:

If you want to get serious about driving more traffic to your website, get yourself on Pinterest. Like now.

Create strategic boards that can support your content and pique the interest of your target market.

Generate imagery to promote your blog posts, videos, content and services and pin them to Pinterest with links back to your website.

Mistake #3 – Expecting overnight traffic

brace yourself the web traffic is coming - drive more traffic

Do you know what’s behind every “overnight” success story? Usually, lots of work over a long period of time.

It takes time for your pins to rank in Pinterest. It takes time for your website to gain authority and get onto page 1 of Google. It takes time for your videos to reach top search listings on YouTube. Even with a solid SEO strategy.

Traffic Strategy:

Be strategic. Be consistent. Be patient.

Monitor your results. Refine your strategy. Make the time for content generation and search engine optimisation.

Mistake #4 – Quantity over quality

No marketing or promotion strategy will ever fix low-quality content. While being consistent is a huge plus for content marketing, publishing too much low-quality content is a complete waste of your time and is off-putting to your audience, affecting your reach, lead generation, sales and growth.

Don’t just create content for the sake of creating something. Create it with purpose. Create content to attract more of the right people to your website. Create content that is engaging and valuable.

quality content marketing strategy to drive more traffic

Traffic Strategy:

Publish quality content on a regular and consistent basis. Focus on creating high-quality content that your fans will rave about and will want to share.

Strategically re-purpose your content to make the most out of the gems of information you are creating, and to help connect you with a wider audience.

Mistake #5 – Not including SEO in your strategy

It takes commitment and time to drive more traffic to your website AND keep the traffic flow consistent. Search engine optimisation can ensure that the traffic to your website keeps flowing your way long after you have created a blog post and shared it around on social media, finished your advertising campaign, or pinned your content on Pinterest.

Not only does investing time (and money if you need it done for you) in SEO continue to drive more traffic to your website, but it also delivers website traffic that is far more likely to convert into leads and customers.

Traffic Strategy:

Learn SEO basics and dedicate time to implementing both on-site search engine optimisation and external SEO opportunities.


Where to from here….

Inbound Marketing - Drive More Traffic to your website


Until next time, happy marketing!

Robyn Kyberd Digital Marketing Consultant Australia



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