As a marketer and business development consultant ideal client avatars are part and parcel of daily life for me. I find it REALLY easy to create them and visualise them for my clients, but over the past decade, defining ideal clients for my own businesses has been quite the struggle.

Doing the work that I do I know just how important the ‘ideal client’ is because of how it can make marketing and business SO.MUCH.EASIER… I just found it SO hard to figure it out for me and my business.

There were lots of mindset “blocks” standing in my way at every turn.

Internally I was also battling myself (so not productive) over “why is this so hard for me when I can do this in 5 minutes for a client?!?!”

Which, to no surprise, made the task even more difficult.

In my quest for defining my own ideal client, I searched many a blog post, downloaded umpteen guides and checklists and how-to PDFs…

But the blank page continued to haunt me.

Reflecting on my previous clients I couldn’t string together any common traits.

I couldn’t imagine a dream client using the avatar prompts I’d seen over and over again from so many sources.

When I finally put my foot down and decided I just had to get it done. I had to construct the profile. I had to get serious about this. I flipped the script.  

What worked best for me was approaching the task from the opposite angle.

I found that it was much easier to define my ideal client avatar when I looked at who my ideal client is NOT.

I noted down client traits, passions, interests, drive, language, morals, skills, communication, lifestyle etc that didn’t align. I could now see the traits of my ideal client emerging.

Insert huge mindset shift, marketing message shift, business clarity shift and BOOM (as I’ve seen so many times before) everything clicked into place and business grew like crazy.

SO, I’m sharing this lesson with you today in case you are stuck where I was… staring at another blank avatar sheet undecided and arguing that your client is male AND female, you don’t care what magazines they read, your clients are all different ages or industries or backgrounds and you love that side of your business… Hopefully this tip can help you get your ideal client sorted so that your business and marketing can SOAR! 

Little Extra Note: You can totally have more than 1 ideal client. You may even have different ideal clients for different product or service streams that your business offers. Your ideal client avatar can (and probably will) change as you and your business grow. 

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