The idea of being in business, at it’s core, is that you have a product or service that is of benefit, need or desire that you would like people to buy from you. The idea of marketing your business, in any form, is to put your business in front of potential customers and make more of those customers say YES!

Are you at that point in your business where you want more people to say “YES please help me” or “YES I want that” or “YES just shut-up and take my money!” ?

Now I hear you thinking to yourself…

“If that could happen right now, that would be amazing. I would love to have more people saying YES to my offers… but how do I make that happen??”

The first place to start is NOT more advertising, bigger budgets, more products or lower prices.


If that’s where you are at, please stop now and try this approach first.


1. Take a step back.

2. Make a note of all of your online and offline customer touch-points.

Customer touch points may be things like:

  • Website
  • Online Store
  • Social Media Profiles
  • Newsletter
  • Advertising
  • Emails
  • Invoicing & Contracts
  • Blog
  • Social Media Posts
  • Author Bio
  • Follow up forms
  • Packaging
  • etc.

3. Then look at each one individually (remembering that our customers don’t see all of our touch points, that they may have never heard of your business before, and probably have limited time to explore and learn), how can you….

Make it REALLY easy to:

  • figure out what you do / what’s included / what the product is exactly / learn more

  • buy from you

Also known as conversion optimisation, and customer experience (CX) plays a huge role in that.

Key areas to look at are:

  • Is the content easy to read and navigate (including on a mobile device)?
  • Are the links, forms and buttons all working?
  • Are the calls to action clear and concise?
  • Are you using language that potential clients understand?
  • Are the outcomes clear?

Once you have optimised the above, take a fresh look at each of your customer touch-points and ask yourself:

  • What might be misinterpreted here?
  • How much time and how many clicks does it take for a customer to consume the content and take the desired action?
  • Am I expecting too much from a potential customer here?
  • What might be difficult to learn/do here?

How you can make these things easier for your customers?

For example, think about retail stores. The new releases and the sale stock are clearly visible, front and centre. The store owner wants to make your life easier by giving you easy access to what’s new and what’s a bargain. The most popular brands and products are positioned at eye-level and within easy reach for easy consumption. There is directional signage to make it easy for you to find what you need.

The same principals apply when marketing or conducting your business online.

Visibility + Access + Ease = Really Easy To Say YES!