Marketing is NOT about how many times you post on Facebook each week.

It’s not about being in ALL the places ALL of the time.

It’s not even about how many followers, subscribers, clicks, or website visitors you get.

Marketing is about CUSTOMERS.

It’s about educating, informing, showing, illuminating how your product or service can make your customer’s life easier or better in some way.

It’s also about why you or your business are the best choice to serve that customer.

It’s about relationship building.

And as we all know, relationships usually work a whole lot better if you focus on the other person at least half of the time.

So take a moment now to consider the following… 

Is your marketing customer-centric?

Are all of your marketing activities for vanity metrics or for the benefit of your customers?

Do your systems serve you best – or your customers?

Are you creating content focused on what you want to share, or what your customer wants to know?

THIS is why the ideal client and niche stuff is harped on about ALL of the time.

Your ideal client – while admittedly can make you feel frustrated AF when mapping it out for the first time – is super important because it’s that knowledge that *should* fuel most of your business and marketing decisions.

This is also why content marketing works so well… because the content is focused on the customer. Educating, attracting, nurturing, serving your ideal customer.

Do you often feel like your marketing just isn’t working? 

Put your focus back on your customer.

Here’s a few articles to get you started…. or feel free to reach out for help here.

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