One of the greatest challenges faced by any entrepreneur or business owner is the creation of regular income. We often find ourselves (at least initially) struggling to generate consistency in the money we earn. For every huge injection of cash we receive from a big job, months stretch by when we see nothing but tumbleweed blowing through our bank accounts.

Managing your regular monthly expenses when you don’t have regular monthly income can be be really tough. This feast or famine scenario is often the Achilles heel of start-ups.

The good news is, anyone can create regular income in their business provided they get organised and approach the conundrum in a methodical manner. This is especially true for digital marketers, who have at their disposal a powerhouse for income generation in the form of their website.

When your website is setup properly, and you have the right offers and systems in place, you can create regular income in your sleep.


Here’s how to break that feast or famine cycle and get the cash coming in on a regular basis…

Consistent Lead Generation

Before we dive into exactly what you need to be offering in order to create