In a previous article I shared how you can discover what your customers really want, and to expand on that in this article I’m sharing specifics on simple things you can do to connect with and convert clients through email marketing – without any technical wizard magic!

Connecting and converting through email marketing all starts with…

1. Build a relationship

To convert any email subscriber the first step is relationship building.

You can’t expect someone to convert to paying client after a free opt-in, just like you can’t expect someone to marry you after the first date!

You want them to:

  • get to know you
  • start to like you
  • build trust in you.

Only then will you be able to make an offer and have them pull out their wallet and buy it.

Building that relationship over email includes things like:

  • Welcome and introductory emails
  • Topic specific nurture sequences
  • Automated responses to specific behaviour expressed (links clicked, videos watched, cart abandonment)
  • Invitations to engage (surveys, polls, feedback, email replies)

Similar to human relationships these emails serve the purpose of introducing yourself, introducing what you do and how you can help, offering to help and being of service.

This approach builds connection and sets the right environment for conversion.

If the connection is on point, but the conversion is lacking, then you…

2. use your analytics

Your email, social and website stats are a wealth of useful information.

Programs like Google Analytics can give you a lot of information about a lot of things including:

  • where your readers came from,
  • what website pages they’ve visited,
  • where they were on your site when they joined your email list,
  • what else they’ve downloaded or bought from you,
  • what content have been of interest, and which ones haven’t,
  • where the engagement and connection was lost,
  • what subject lines got more opens,
  • how they like to consume content,
  • what time of day they engage with your content,
  • and LOADS more! but I digress…

That data will tell you a lot about your audience.

With this data you can read between the lines to understand them better and deliver exactly what they’re looking for.

This not only strengthens the connection between you and your subscriber, but it improves conversions because you know more about what makes your subscriber tick, and you’ve implemented that.

3. learn from your results

This is the optimisation and growth phase of any marketing activity: Review and Revise.

Go back and review past emails you’ve sent. Pay attention to open rates, click through rates, replies and unsubscribes.

If a large percentage of readers opened the email, that’s a good indication they were interested in the topic and/or you had a bangin’ subject line, but did they read? and did they take further action?

If they opened AND clicked a link to additional content, that indicates you are on the money with your actual content and calls to action. Do more of that!

On the other hand, if you got a lot of opens but also a lot of unsubscribes or no action takers that might be an indication that:

  • the subject line was click-bait,
  • the topic was way off what they thought they’d signed up for,
  • you went from first date to marriage content in a short space of time, or
  • your language and the overall message just didn’t connect,
  • you haven’t emailed your list in ages and no-one knows who you are anymore,
  • your list is full of people who aren’t right for your business.

Use all the data to learn more about who is engaging and what they are engaging with to connect with them on a deeper level. The more you know about your subscribers, the more effective your email marketing will be at building connection and activating conversion.

What indicates good list engagement?

100% opens and conversions is a completely unrealistic expectation in today’s world of overcrowded inboxes and busy schedules.

A good indicator of list engagement is open rates of 15%-60%. Most common results are reportedly 15%-25% for regular EDMs.

If your open rates consistently drop below 20% it might be time for list clean-up ;)

A good conversion rate for emails really depends on the nature of the conversion you’re asking.

For example your conversion action might be read an article, or join a Facebook group, or answer a question, or buy a product on sale this week. Each of these conversion types require different things from the subscriber, and are more effective at different stages of the customer buying cycle.


Implementing these 3 key actions on a regular basis will help you with building strong connection with your subscribers and as a direct result improving conversions from your email marketing efforts.

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