Valerie TateMeet Valerie Tate. She helps content marketers squeeze every drop of value out of their content marketing efforts. As a Content Repurposing Specialist and the founder of A Clever Cat, she enjoys helping consultants, coaches, course creators, and bloggers multiply one piece of content into many.

Through clever re-purposing, Valerie helps her clients maximise their reach, improve content marketing ROI, AND reduce the overall amount of original content they need to create, saving them loads of precious time.

In this instalment of the Spotlight Series, I ask Valerie for her insights into how to make your content work harder to grow your business with greater ease. If you have extra questions for Valerie about re-purposing, please drop them in the comments below or find her on Facebook.

What is content re-purposing?

Content re-purposing is a genius technique that turns a single piece of content into multiple content assets.

Re-purposing basically means reworking existing content into multiple new formats which can then be shared and republished into many different channels.

Content Repurposing Graphic by Valerie Tate ACleverCat-com minFor example, let’s take your best blog post and:

  • break it down into a collection of snippets, quotes, stats, or tips that can be used in social post captions
  • create an image of the post title, then share that on social media with a brief outline of the post content
  • rework it into an email newsletter to engage your list
  • use it as the basis for a podcast episode – think of it as an outline and start recording!
  • reformat it as a checklist or tip list
  • turn it into an infographic illustrating the topic
  • adapt it to answer a Quora question
  • create a video and share it on YouTube
  • reformat it into an ebook or lead magnet
  • turn it into a slide presentation and publish it to Slideshare
  • bundle it with related content and turn it into pillar content, or an ebook/course for sale

And so on.

Not every blog post can be turned into every other type of content, but the possibilities for re-purposing are limited only by your creativity.

Is re-purposing content still an effective marketing strategy?

Absolutely yes. In fact, I’d say now more than ever!

Today’s audience is savvier than ever before. They know there is a ton of information available to answer any question they might have. That’s why it’s smart to create value-packed content rather than short fluff pieces, or your audience is likely to just surf right on by.

And bonus! Great original content can be re-purposed into a variety of assets you can use to extend your marketing efforts.

Check out the awesome things those new content assets can do for you:

  • great for your SEO because every piece of content you share makes you more visible to search engines (the voracious appetite of Google must be appeased!)
  • your audience can find and enjoy your content on their preferred platforms (new platforms = new eyeballs = possible new leads in your funnel)
  • entice people to visit your website to read the main content (like breadcrumbs leading to a feast)
  • resurface your best performing older content for another round of distribution (no more lazy content)
  • increase your know, like, trust factor through repeated exposure to your message (Rule of 7 for the win!)

As marketing guru Seth Godin said:

“Repetition increases the chance that you get heard. Repetition also increases . . . the authority and believability of what you have to say. Listeners go from awareness of the message to understanding to trust.”

Re-purposing your content helps you do that.

How can re-purposing content save time, money and sanity?

You know you need to publish regularly to get found amidst all the noise on the Internet. But most of us don’t have the time or brain space to produce new, engaging content daily or even weekly.

Instead, you can look like a publishing machine by creating fewer pieces of high-quality, value-packed content. Then extend that content by adapting it for new formats and audiences.

You’re saving a lot of money with this technique as well because less time spent creating content means more time spent on money-making activities. Even if you outsource the creation of your original content, you can order less when you make the most of each one!

As for your sanity – well, it’s pretty evident that this method can help get you off of the content creation crazy train!

What is required for content re-purposing to work effectively?

Before you begin re-purposing, there are a few things to consider.

  • Who are you trying to reach?
  • Where do they hang out?
  • What kind of content performs best with that group and that platform? (if you don’t know, don’t be afraid to experiment)

Also, take a cue from the type of content you are starting with.

  • Is it business oriented, graphic heavy, or an expert roundup? Try creating a presentation for Slideshare
  • Is it a business oriented, or a long form blog post? Perhaps republish it as a LinkedIn article or to Medium
  • If you have an in-depth tutorial, you could offer it as an email drip course, break it into a series of shorter posts, or use it as a challenge in your Facebook group

And so on.

Once you’ve decided what to make and where to publish it, don’t forget to promote it. Just as you would with brand new content, share your re-purposed content to your email list, social media, etc.

The whole point of re-purposing content is to capture maximum eyeballs, so give it lots of love.

How do you know what content to re-purpose for best results?

I’m sure you’ve noticed my mentions of “high-quality, value-packed” content. That’s because the better the original content, the more you can do with it.

That doesn’t mean that every bit of content you create has to be a 10,000-word opus. But the most amazing re-purposing magic will happen with your best content.

So focus on your very best stuff. Go for content that offers the most value to your ideal clients and customers.

And don’t forget your most popular older content, as it has a great chance of resonating with the new audiences your re-purposed content will reach!

Is content re-purposing effective if a business’ messaging is not established?

More content out in the world should naturally lead to more visitors to your website. But there’s not much it can do for you if your message is ambiguous.

For example: Let’s say you publish a spectacular video on how to bake the best chocolate cake. Your viewers love it and they want to learn more! So they click through to your website for the full recipe and to see what else you have to offer. But once they get there, they find blog posts about owning horses and others about your son’s exciting motocross racing. Most likely, your visitors will be confused and click away.

That’s kind of an extreme example, but I’m sure you get what I mean.

Your content is like a promise to your audience of what you are about. A preview of what they expect to find when they visit your website or your Facebook or LinkedIn page. If they get there and the promise is broken, they are likely to leave and never return.

Make sure your message is clear to achieve your best ROI on any type of marketing, including re-purposing.

In your experience, what content is the easiest to re-purpose?

I’m a fan of blog posts and articles. A solid, long-form blog post packed with detail is a treasure trove of goodies that can be pulled out for re-purposing. As I illustrated above, a good blog post can be re-purposed into a lot of different things.

But that said, it’s really all about the value your content offers, regardless of what form it takes.

Amazing value is what transforms into amazing re-purposed assets.

Does re-purposing content have an effective place with launching programs/events/courses?


If you are launching a new program, event, or course, you still need content to promote it and to warm your audience up for your offer.

You can save yourself a lot of time and headache by pulling from your program content things like:

  • snippets
  • stats
  • tips
  • quotes
  • images
  • screenshots
  • video or audio previews
  • testimonials

You can also go back through your existing social media posts and blog articles to see which topics align with your upcoming launch to integrate them into the content schedule to use as promotional content.

Don’t reinvent the wheel by producing fresh content for promotion. Use what you’ve already done to save yourself time, money and sanity!

What shortcuts do you recommend to make re-purposing content quicker and easier?

Start with what you have before you create anything new.

For example, if the original content includes images, reuse them in your new assets.

Even if your blog post just has one featured image, you can re-purpose that into multiple images by:

  • reducing the opacity and using it as a background for some text
  • reorienting the image so that different parts become the focus
  • zooming in and cropping certain areas

Look at what you’ve got to start with and come up with ways to use it before you start thinking of new add-ons. Your goal is to extend what you have and reduce your total creation time, not put new work on your plate.

What doesn’t work when it comes to content re-purposing?

Avoid these pitfalls:

  • Don’t re-purpose time-sensitive content – if the information is only relevant for a limited time, it’s got a built-in expiration date.
  • Short or shallow content is not a good candidate for re-purposing. Blog posts that don’t have much depth or super short videos/audios don’t offer much meat for the carving.
  • Never just update the title and an image and call it new.

What are your top 5 recommendations to anyone wanting to DIY content repurposing so that it’s an effective and sustainable strategy?

  • Start paying attention to the content you see from others as you travel around the web. What kind of well-done repurposing do you see? Create a secret swipe file board on Pinterest and pin good examples you’ve seen to use as inspiration.
  • For your first try, repurpose your favourite piece of existing content. Brainstorm out a list of different content formats to repurpose it into. Think about who you want to reach and how you will accomplish that. Which type of content on your brainstorm list will work best?
  • Choose a format for your new asset that you are already comfortable with. For example, if you’ve never created a video, don’t start with that. Do something you know you can do without frustration. Then, experiment with a few different other things.
  • Don’t forget to incorporate your brand elements into all your repurposed assets. Repurposed content still needs to reflect your brand!
  • Once you are comfortable with the idea, start taking content repurposing into account as you create new content. Thinking about how it can be repurposed as you’re creating it will guide you to include elements that make it easier later!

Download my 7 Ways to Fix ‘I Don’t Have Time for Social’ cheat sheet to help you get started.

What are your top 3 recommendations to anyone wanting to outsource content repurposing so that it’s an effective and sustainable strategy?

  • Get organised and prepared. Do you know who your ideal client is and where to reach them? Is your best-performing content easy to find? Do you have an easy to access library of your existing content assets?
  • Have realistic expectations. Just like content marketing in general, repurposing takes some time and you may not see big returns immediately. Give it enough time to get out there and do its work.
  • As with any other outsourcing, find someone you communicate well with and feel you can trust.

If you are new to repurposing and looking for some help, check out my 7 Ways To Fix ‘I Don’t Have Time For Social’ to see how repurposing can help fill up your social calendar using content you already have.

How do you help business owners repurpose and distribute content efficiently and effectively to optimise and grow their business?

By regularly repurposing your content, you can:

  • amplify your message in the marketplace
  • reach new customers
  • build your know, like, trust factor
  • satisfy the Rule of 7

But, it does still require time and resources to make it happen. If you’re short on time or just want to concentrate on other crucial business activities, I can help by taking over the repurposing process for you.

My repurposing service saves you time, frustration, and most importantly – mental bandwidth. We will work together to develop a custom repurposing strategy to amplify your unique message in ways that best fit your business. Then I’ll get to work making it happen!

If you have any questions about repurposing or my services, I invite you to visit my website at and book a call. Let’s chat and see how far your content can go!

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