About This Content Marketing Strategy Guide

Creating a comprehensive strategy that works to market your business organically is, well, tough. To make it easier, we’ve created this Content Marketing Strategy Guide.

Truthfully, the ins and outs of effective content marketing are not a secret. But, it can take a phenomenal amount of creativity, expert know-how, and straight-up effort to develop a content marketing strategy that works.

That’s why we’ve pulled together this collection of comprehensive posts and resources specifically created to:

    • Explain how content marketing helps you achieve organic business growth
    • Show you how to develop your content marketing strategy
    • Discover the right content to create for your specific goals
    • Help you optimise and grow your content marketing results

The information and tools in this collection include everything you need to create a content marketing strategy that attracts, nurtures, and converts your leads into paying customers.

And best of all – you’ll have saved yourself a lot of time and effort.

What’s Included

Not every post or resource in this Guide will be relevant for where YOU are on YOUR journey to developing an effective strategy for your business. So, we’ve organised this article to support every stage.

Jump to the section that suits where YOU are right now:


why is content marketing important section title bannerWhy Is Content Marketing Important?

You already know that content marketing is something every business needs to grow. But, maybe you’re not entirely sure why it’s so essential to YOUR business?

After all, will your audience actually take time to read all your content? Especially when there are SO MANY similar things already on the internet competing for their attention?

It might surprise you to know how big an impact your content marketing efforts can have on your business growth. Take a look at these 6 Benefits of Content Marketing that illustrate exactly how effective it can be.

Next, you need to know how to deliver your content to the right people at the right time.

And this is where understanding inbound marketing strategies – and which ones are right for your business – come into play. For that, check out How Inbound Marketing Works & Why You Should Use It.

Must-have Tools to Master the Basics of Content Marketing:

So, now you understand why content marketing is worth doing. But the road to developing your content marketing strategy will be rocky if you don’t lay the right foundations.

First, you need to understand SEO basics.

This SEO Basics for Beginners Training is designed specifically for those who want to learn how to get started with SEO themselves.

This training is for you if you are a:

    • business owner
    • blogger
    • marketer
    • website builder
    • or online store manager

Second, remember that Keywords are the backbone of your content. So you need to do some solid research.

This Done-For-You SEO Keyword Research report will uncover:

    • What your website is ranking for now
    • What keywords you could target to get more traffic from Google
    • Keywords that support your upcoming 12-month marketing plan
    • How to do a Keyword Gap Analysis between your site and a competitor’s

What if you’ve downloaded and read the resources, but you’re not convinced doing your content marketing yourself is for your business? Hop on over to our Content Marketing Services page to see exactly what we can do for you to meet your business growth goals.


Resource Roundup: Content Marketing Basics


how to create a content marketing strategy section title banner

How to Create a Content Marketing Strategy

Content marketing strategies come in all shapes and sizes. So when developing one for your business, ensure you articulate the specific goals you want to achieve.

And of course, business goals will vary depending on your focus. But they might include increasing your:

    • Brand awareness
    • Online presence
    • Social media following
    • Leads, subscribers, or email sign-ups
    • Traffic to your website

So, when it comes to creating your content marketing strategy, we’ve shared some specific insights that support:

1. Sustainable Business Growth

Want to grow your business sustainably but you not sure whether to focus on blogging alone or content marketing as a whole? If this is you, check out this post about blogging versus content marketing. It outlines exactly how each activity drives engagement and sales to help grow your business.

2. Attracting Clients Organically

The most common way to drive organic traffic to your website is via a search engine optimised (SEO) blog. And when you have content driving targeted organic traffic to your website, you can then focus on increasing leads and conversions for continual business growth.

If your goal is to increase organic traffic, follow the exact steps in our post on how to create a content marketing plan to do just that.

3. Supporting Launch Plans

Are you about to launch a new service or product or simply finding it hard to plan your content marketing for the next 12 months?

If so, then developing a content marketing strategy is imperative. This comprehensive article on how to develop a content marketing strategy to support your launch plan gives you all the steps you need to take.

Also, when preparing to create your own content marketing strategy, it can help to look at current inbound marketing trends your business can use.

Ultimately, your goal is to create a clever content marketing strategy that also saves you time.


Tools to Create Your Content Marketing Strategy:

For the best results when creating your content marketing strategy, start with a proven method.

These in-house tools and techniques are the same ones we use to help our premium clients plan and implement their content marketing strategies. They’re tried and tested, so we know they work.

Option 1

But, if you are unsure what the first step to developing a strategy even looks like, you may benefit from our Content Marketing Planner.

This planner is a fully customisable suite of templates that help you identify, plan, and track your:

    • Overall business and marketing plans and goals
    • Target market
    • Keyword research
    • Core message
    • Core offerings
    • Blog plan
    • Content distribution plan
    • Website and social media performance
    • Leads and sales conversions

Option 2

We also know that planning in advance doesn’t come naturally to every business owner. So we developed this eCourse to help you Develop your own 12 Month Marketing Plan. This perfect system will get your next 12 months on the right track without stressing over every little to-do and how-to.

Option 3

Or, if you already have some marketing activities in place and want to assess if an update is needed, take a look at the Mini Online Marketing Overhaul. This five-part training series includes a workbook plus six short videos. Each video is only 5-10 minutes long with easy steps you can take for a bigger and more refined online presence that works for your business.

Option 4

And if you know it’s time to quit posting random blog posts and finally learn how to create a real content marketing strategy, you need the Content Marketing Masterclass. In just under 40 minutes you’ll know:

    • where to start
    • how to move forward
    • content shortcuts to get you going
    • traffic shortcuts to maximise your content marketing efforts.

⬆️ This training was designed specifically for busy entrepreneurs.

Option 5

Finally, if you are ready to jump in and design your content marketing strategy, make it super easy by grabbing our Complete Content Marketing Toolkit. With this Toolkit, you can create a dynamic and responsive content marketing strategy PLUS plan out the content needed to connect and convert for maximum sales and leads.

This Toolkit is jam-packed with the same tools our team uses every single day to help our premium clients smash their content marketing goals.

Use the toolkit to help you:

    • Spot a killer target keyword
    • Always create content that converts
    • Optimise your web content so search engines cannot ignore it
    • Follow the success of your planned and published blogs
    • Track your content distribution channels


Resource Roundup: Create A Content Marketing Strategy


create the right types of content to achieve your goals section title bannerCreate the Right Types of Content to Achieve Your Goals

With your content marketing strategy developed, it’s now time to plan and create your content. Then distribute it as per your distribution process.

Plan Your Content

This is where the