When you first start out, the hustle is fun.

You have the time to chase leads and create content, showing up in all the places, talking to all the people…

But then business starts to take off and you get busy.
(insert more grey hair, headaches and sleepless nights – yep been there too!)

Now, busy is good. Busy means business. Busy means things moving and shaking.

BUT it usually also means that systems are non-existent, processes are messy, customer nurturing is lost, and online presence … well there’s no time for that any more.


The growth starts to plateau and you get stuck in the busy, messy phase.

The symptoms we often see in our clients are:

Inconsistent income: a killer month followed by a woeful one, leaving you feeling like you’re in a constant cycle of lack and abundance. 

Inconsistent social media: one week you’re gung-ho, the next you’re lucky to post. You just can’t seem to build momentum with your online presence.

Inconsistent business growth: you lurch from client flood to client famine. You want to build a sustainable business but your marketing and systems are holding you back.