The VA (virtual assistant) industry is growing fast with a wide array of expertise, expectations, and operations.

So where do you start when you know you need help in your business but you’re unsure who to look for, how to find the RIGHT help for you and your business, and how to make the working relationship last?

I personally struggled with all of those things for a long time and many clients have reported the same headaches with hiring the right VA support.

But lucky for you, I have just the person to help you with getting all of that sorted for you: Valerie Tate

Valerie is a Marketing VA and all-round legend, not to mention an integral part of the Optimise and Grow Online team. So, I asked her to share her insights on how our website visitors and clients can best prepare for, find, hire and work with a VA so that their business can grow easily without the headache of misaligned support.


Q: What questions do you think people should ask when hiring a VA that fits their needs/personality/work style?

Valerie: This is a great question! In my opinion, this is the most important aspect of finding the ideal VA for you.

It’s c