Often the ‘blogger’ is a stereotyped hipster character taking photos for their ‘food blog’ or telling people that they are a blogger as a career (followed by much eye-rolling by anyone listening). But it’s time to start taking blogging seriously, as the benefits of blogging for your business are huge for organic reach, client attraction, and customer nurture!

Intrigued? Let’s dive into the benefits your business can get from including blogging in your marketing strategy.

10 Benefits Of Blogging For Business

1. Builds relationships

Blogging is about creating valuable content that your potential customers can find interesting, engaging, and that makes them hungry for more. This kind of content marketing is where the new world of digital marketing is at right now.

Blogging regularly allows you to build relationships of trust with your audience as it increases awareness of your brand and your ability to help people with what they are struggling with or looking for.

Further to this, once you put your blog content out into the world, it works at building those customer relationships for you 24/7 without you having to actively contact individuals to connect. How good is that?!

2. Establishes your reputation as an expert

The more you blog, provided it is quality content, the more you will establish yourself as an expert in your field. This again helps to build better relationships with your audience, and it also makes you look more enticing to other referral websites and to search engines.

If you are an expert in anything (and if you have a business, then it’s likely you are an expert at least one thing!) then you might as well let everyone know this.

3. Engages customers at all stages of their customer journey

Every single day customers turn to the online space to seek answers or solutions to the problems they are experiencing, whether they are ready to buy or not.

During the various stages of the buying cycle, online research includes stages of seeking information, comparing, testing, reviewing, buying and then post-purchase education. Blogging enables you to connect with your audience wherever they are on their customer journey, whether they are just becoming aware of their problem, looking for businesses that can solve their problem, or are looking to change from an existing solution to something better.

Through blogging, you can engage the audience at all stages of the buying cycle, which promotes you from solution provider to best friend, because you have ALL the answers they are looking for.

4. Creates Dynamic Content

Being dynamic, or having fresh, relevant and updated content, is a feature that helps you to rank well on search engines like Google. Adding new blogs is one of the easiest ways to keep your content dynamic, and keeps your business “active and relevant” in the eyes of the search engines.

This doesn’t have to be an onerous commitment; even blogging once a week or fortnightly can make some subtle but effective ripples in the discussion water around your industry.

Blogging or vlogging consistently also gives you an enormous amount of new content to share across your social media channels to attract and engage your potential and existing customers.

5. Increases search engine rankings

Blogging is an easy way to optimise your website to attract search engine attention. Having long-form content and naturally implementing target keywords into the information will boost your presence in organic search results.

Google loves it when your website answers the questions or provides the exact solutions it’s searchers are looking for. When you do this, your website is favoured and ranked higher in search results.

Customers also love it when you provide easy to read content that provides the exact information, solution or product to help them. But, they wont know you have the perfect solution if you don’t blog or vlog about it to tell them so!

6. Easily shareable to social media

Most businesses have a social media presence as well as a website. When you blog on your website you can easily share this content to any social media platforms, keeping your presence fresh and engaging as well as packed full of value for your audience.

Blogging literally makes it easy to be consistently present on social media. From each blog post you can also extract smaller segments or pull quotes to create branded graphics for sharing on social media. These work wonders for engagement and reach on social media channels such as Facebook and Instagram.

7. Passive content that you can use more than once

Once you’ve written a blog once, you don’t need to write it again. But the value of the content remains – unlike social media posts. You can easily recycle and repurpose your blog content a number of different ways to fill your content marketing schedule – without having to create new stuff!

Blogging about FAQs is a great way to build trust with customers straight away, and it also shortcuts a lot of admin/sales time when you can simply post a link in an email or support request rather than typing out the answer repeatedly.

8. Use your blogs to build backlinks

You don’t just have to stick to blogging on your own site. If you want to get your name in front of more of your target audience, take up guest blogging opportunities and share your expertise with someone else’s audience.

Appearing on other websites extends your reach, and makes your site look better to search engines, especially if you can get the other website to include a backlink to your site (which is like liquid gold in SEO terms).

Learn more about backlinks here

9. Up-to-date

Blogging regularly helps you to keep up with changes in your industry, the needs of your customers, and also share any new products or services you are offering.

A brand that shares insights and opinions on the latest and greatest in their industry is seen by customers as the go-to-expert. Just writing about this can build your brand trust and authority super fast as your audience learn that you are THE business to follow for that topic.

10. Provides business growth opportunities

When you are blogging for business the core aim of most of your marketing is to attract people back to your website. By bringing people back to your website, you have full control to use tracking software such as Google Analytics or heat map applications to determine exactly what visitors are looking for and interested in on your website.

Armed with this information you can make informed decisions on what products or services to amplify, which need improving, and which ones can be culled.

The result? Increased conversions and more happy customers!

Why? Because you are listening to their needs and taking action on them! You are giving them what they want – and every customer wants that!!


Start Blogging For Business

No longer just the bastion of hipsters and millennials, and certainly not something to roll your eyes at; blogging is an easy way to get enormous engagement for your business and build your audience and credibility in the online space.

It is one of the best ways to give your customers valuable content and one of the cheapest ways to attract and engage with customers organically. So get blogging! 

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