If you’re planning to launch a new offer soon, is your “runway” ready?

Your “runway” is the time you spend focusing on your audience in the lead up to your new launch. The period of time where you’re getting them ready to buy.

You’re likely doing this by sharing content through your blog/vlog content, email marketing broadcasts, and social media profiles to build momentum before the launch.

In managing countless launches for clients, the most successful launches were the ones that had runways 4-8 weeks long. 

So that’s working on the following from 4-8 weeks out from launch day:

  • Getting on topic
  • Building your audience
  • Increasing audience awareness
  • Piquing audience interest
  • Driving momentum

If you’re relaunching something you’ve launched recently and you’ve stayed relatively on topic in your digital marketing content, a 2-4 week runway can work well because your audience is already primed. You don’t want the warm-up to be too long as the audience gets bored and tunes out. 

If you’re switching your business direction or offering something completely different to normal, then a longer runway is better. This will give you the time you need to attract and nurture the right people to your new thing. 

So how do you use your runway effectively in the lead up to your new launch?

Let’s say you normally offer business coaching packages, but you’re launching a new mindset course.

In the pre-launch runway phase, you’re going to want to shift your blog/vlog content, your email broadcasts, and your social media marketing to start talking about mindset-related themes.

Start with top-level interest content and then the closer you get to the official launch, the more frequent and deeper into the topic you can dive.

This way when you get to the launch period your audience is informed, aware, and ready to buy.

Let’s consider the alternative… 

To continue with the example above, let’s say you normally talk about business and marketing, then all of a sudden you switch straight into a 2-week launch that is selling your new mindset course. 

So basically going from business-as-usual to SELLING mode on a new topic/offer.

Let’s look at the conversion hurdles that now stand in your path.

Buyer Hurdle #1: Your audience can get confused

This is not what they know, like and trust you for.

You may pique some curiosity and get some to move with you, but it’s usually the minority.

Buyer Hurdle #2: Not long enough for the audience to resonate (and therefore they don’t buy) 

So you finally get your audience’s attention with the new direction, and they want to know more about whether it’s really for them and you’re offering the right solution.

But by now, you’ve moved further down your runway and you’re at last call for sales, putting pressure on your audience to buy in, and fast.

Most audiences will hold onto their purses at this point because the certainty just isn’t there yet.

Look, you may bet some people buying, but just not as many as when you have a solid runway in play first.

The solution: A solid runway for your new launch

A solid launch runway yields the best results.

When you put the date in your calendar for your next launch, take a step back and plan a bit further in advance:

The best part is, once you’ve planned it and created your runway once, you can re-use a lot of that runway for the next launch and save yourself a bunch of time and stress #winning

This is exactly why we use our Content Marketing Planner.

A Content Marketing Planner is your ONE space for all the things

Over the years my team has tried and tested a range of different ways to plan and track #allthethings need for successful launches.

We now use our own inhouse Content Marketing Planner as our ONLY space for:

  • Audience and goal planning
  • Offer and message planning
  • Runway planning
  • Content planning
  • Launch planning
  • Performance tracking for ongoing optimisation

Launching soon? 

Grab yourself a copy of the Optimise+Grow Content Marketing Planner so that you can map out your launch runway, feel prepared for launch (and relaunch), and track your launch performance to optimise and grow your business. 

Get the Content Marketing Planner here.



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