Tech is like ice cream – everybody has a favourite flavour!  There are so many tools and applications to choose from, and they all offer different pros and cons.

This is actually just as it should be, though, because it means you can find the tools that work with your personal style.  That said, I do have a few favourites I love to recommend when a client is looking to optimise and grow their business online.


My favourite app for managing autoresponders and email marketing is ActiveCampaign.  It’s a full-featured tool that can handle everything from simple broadcast email delivery (like a monthly newsletter) to complex automations for funnels and audience segmentation.

I love that it’s very affordable for such a powerful program.  And personally, I find it more intuitive to use than most of the other email marketing platforms!

Your email list is a critical element of successful online marketing, so don’t put off finding a good tool to manage it.  It will pay for itself many times over as your business grows.


Every business needs some way to manage tasks, or chaos is guaranteed to strike! There are lots of great options available for this, but my favourite is Asana.  I swear I’ve tried every task management tool under the sun, but I always came back to Asana.

It has the most full-featured free plan I’ve ever seen and makes it easy to keep track of everything that needs to get done – including managing tasks you’ve delegated to others.


I love Dubsado for managing core business activities such as client relationship, proposals, contracts, invoicing, etc., all in one place.

This tool makes it easy to present your best self online and manage client onboarding and ongoing management professionally without having to integrate multiple tools.


There is a lot of debate these days about social media and how (or if) to use it for business.  The reality is that you need at least a basic social media presence in order to be taken seriously online.  Think of it this way – we used to look businesses up in the yellow pages. Now we look them up online! And if they don’t have at least one or two social media profiles, we wonder if they’re really legit.

But, social media can be a real time-suck, especially if you’re trying to manage several different platforms separately. That’s why I like SocialReport.

SocialReport allows you to manage almost all of your social activity in one place – scheduling, publishing, analytics, and more. It less well-known than some of the others in this category, but having tested out what seems like every tool ever made, this one is the winner for me!

Easy to get started with and the more you use it, the more you will discover how to extract even more goodness from it.


If you use Pinterest, I highly recommend Tailwind.  Don’t think of Pinterest as a social media platform because it is actually a visual search engine.  Which means that it’s a great way to drive traffic to your site, especially if you have an active blog.

Tailwind makes it easy to manage your entire Pinterest life cycle including scheduling pins, tracking performance, identifying your most popular pins, and more.

People love pinning images – because they love the image or to keep track of articles they want to revisit. Pinterest should be a part of your traffic generation plan and Tailwind will streamline your workflow and help maximize those results.

Check out this article for info driving traffic from Pinterest.


I’d love to know what your favourite apps are that help you run your business smoothly. Leave me a comment below. And, if you’d like help setting up or getting the most out of your online business apps, get in touch, I’d love to help you optimise and grow your business.


This article contains affiliate links, if you choose to purchase any of the linked products we may receive financial reward from the linked software company. Please know that we only share and recommend apps that we use and love ourselves. 



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