Productivity hacks and efficiency finders are popular buzz words lately as more and more business owners try to make the most of their time during a busy day.

No matter how hard you try, you simply cannot do everything yourself when it comes to running your business.

Investing in your business’ productivity not only decreases stress but it makes your business run more smoothly, therefore increasing profits.

If you need to find more time in the day, try these 3 productivity hacks:

Productivity Hack #1. Outsource It

One of the best productivity hacks around is outsourcing.

Rather than being saddled with monotonous tasks and expensive software, many smart business owners are accepting their limitations and finding expert service providers to take over these tasks. What takes one expert an hour to do can easily take a non-savvy business owner many many headache-filled hours to complete. Is that really good use of your time?

The best place to start with outsourcing is here:

Productivity Hack #2. Kick Bad Habits and Systemise

Are you stuck in the dark ages, doing things just because you’ve always done it that way? Are your processes tedious and manual?

Perhaps this second option in our list of productivity hacks is for you: it’s time for a systems audit and overhaul.

The first place to start is your own analysis and general vibe about your day-to-day processes.

  • Did you launch any new products, services or programs that need better infrastructure or client care?
  • Are your client communications all over the place?
  • Do you lose tasks into the abyss because some are on post-it notes on your desk, some in your inbox, some in your project management app?
  • Are you still keeping your operations and management in spreadsheets and documents with no organised order?
  • Do your day-to-day operations feel clunky and overly time-consuming?

There is a plethora of new software programs or apps that will make your work more efficient and potentially automated. Not to spend money unnecessarily but to breathe some excitement into your business.

If you need help with this, we totally rock at finding and implementing software solutions that optimise business processes. Just book in a chat with our systems specialist.

Productivity Hack #3. Create an Actual Plan

Use a project management program or even an old-fashioned paper planner but put your projects onto a timeline or calendar so that you can fill in the stepping stones to work towards achieving those goals.

Start with mapping out your big goals for the year.  It might be 1 big goal, it might be 20. Totally up to you and your capacity.

Then starting from that big goal, what are the 3-5 key milestones to achieving that goal? Map them on your plan.

Working backwards from each milestone, list out the smaller steps required to reach the milestone. Note them on your plan.

If you’re a details person, you can go one step further and map out the granular tasks for each step.

This plan is your blueprint to reaching your goals, no matter how lofty they may seem. Seeing this plan daily will give you something to focus on, therefore increasing your daily productivity.

If you’ve got a team, or looking to hire a team, review this plan and note the similar task groups you can hire for. You’ll be a step ahead of the game as you have a clear plan of what needs to be done, by whom, and by when.

A plan keeps you on track. It can help you avoid “shiny object syndrome” as you can see what you already have on the go, and coming up. It helps you focus on tasks that are moving you closer to where you want to be, not keeping you stuck where you are now.

Overwhelmed at the Idea of Planning, Productivity and Project Management?

We completely understand if you are feeling overwhelmed.

Because we know *exactly* what you’re going through – we were once where you are now.

But you don’t have to travel your journey alone – book in a consultation with us and we can help to manage your planning, productivity, and projects.

We’ll set out your goals and talk through how to break down your goals into actionable steps. This process doesn’t come easily to everyone and we can help guide your planning.

If you need a done-for-you solution #becausenotime we can do all the hard work for you.

Let us take your big goals and break down your plan into action steps in your project management tool, assign tasks, note standard operation procedures if required… the works.

Need this in your life? Book a call here.

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