As a business owner you are often looked up to as a leader. Perhaps you lead a team, an organisation or the direction your business is headed. 

To be the best possible leader it is always important to continue learning, growing and allowing yourself to be inspired by other leaders.

To get you started we’ve put together 27 quotes about leadership and management to inspire success.

1. After you’ve gathered all the information you need are you brave enough to go with your gut?

act against an experts advice

2. Are you incorporating teamwork into the foundations of your biz?

good teams incorporate teamwork

3. Are you channels of communication flowing openly?

avoid unpleasant surprises

4. Are you focussing on supporting and nurturing your team?

leadership is about nurturing and enhancing

5. Be bold and let the crowd follow you!

let the crowd follow you

6. How solution focussed are you at the moment?

leaders think and talk about solutions

7. Leadership and learning are not separate to each other.

leadership and learning are indispensible

8. Are there any areas of your life or biz where your integrity could be refined?

supreme quality of leadership is integrity

9. Do you love supporting your team to become better?

unlock peoples potential

10. Leadership = supporting others to