We are all about simplicity here! Simplicity is about focussing on what matters, in business and life and letting go of everything that doesn’t. It’s so easy to collect clutter and things you don’t need.

Not sure if creating more simplicity is something that will support you? Here are 25 of the best quotes about simplicity, to inspire you and get you started

1. Have you been doing more, when you could be doing less?

less is more

2. Are you ready to bring more joy into your life?

simplicity, clarity, singleness

3. Who doesn’t want to feel a little more sophisticated.

simplicity is the ultimate sophistication

4. Where are you making the simple things more complicated?

making simple things complicated

5. You are here to live life fully, not just survive.

the art of living

6. Are you open to less, so you can find more?

find your more in less

7. Is there anything in your life or business you can get rid of today?

what is really important

8. Simple doesn’t mean insignificant.

make it significant

9. How calm are you feeling today?