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25 of the Best Growth Mindset Quotes for Entrepreneurs

A growth mindset is where we believe that we learn and build on our knowledge base without getting bogged down with setbacks or failure. Do you worry about stumbling blocks or do you see it as an opportunity to advance your skill set and do things differently next time?

Here are 25 of the best growth mindset quotes, to keep you going.

1. No-one is perfect, so aim for progress.

2. If you don’t get it now, soon you will.

3. It takes time and experience.

4. Now you know what won’t work.

5. You are better today than you were yesterday.

6. Challenges help you grow.

7. Which way are you heading?

8. You have to do the work.

9. By trying you have accomplished something.

10. Are you trying something new?

11. It’s a matter of grit.

12. Made any discoveries today?

13. Keep on keeping on.

14. Learn how to do it.

15. You are allowed to make mistakes.

16. OK. who can disagree with Yoda?

17. Just for fun.

18. Believe in yourself, and who knows what could happen.

19. If you need a reminder. Here it is!

20. Sometimes you can have your cake and eat it too!

21. Deep learning is essential.

22. So so worth it!

23. You already have everything you need.

24. You can do this!

25. Failure is moving you to where you need to be.


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