Want a great website?

Consistency is your greatest weapon.

Every minute it seems, there’s a new trend popping up in website design. Trends in branding, trends in layout, trends like parallax and sliders, trends in flat colour, trends, trends and more trends. And sure, there’ll be some people who take on a new trend extremely well and their sites look absolutely amazing – but there’ll also be a bunch of people who jump on every new bandwagon, grabbing a bit of this and a bit of that… changing this and tweaking that with no clear vision in mind.

Of course, that’s going to end in a mess.

And even if they DO decide to do a fair job of putting together that latest trend – changing clothes every five minutes doesn’t give anyone a sense of who they are; they don’t get known for that one thing. Changing the way you present yourself often ends up working against you, and you are more than likely to be perceived as lacking purpose and vision.

Consistency is vital.


3 key areas you can optimise and grow your brand on your website

There are a number of key areas that can help you present your brand consistently throughout your website. 3 of these key areas include:

1. Brand Style Guide

A Brand Style Guide is an essential tool for any brand – it’s simply a document with your brand name and tagline, your chosen colour palette (2-6 colours is good – any more can end up looking like a rainbow), your fonts (absolutely no more than 3, one of which is an easy-to-read font to use for all your large slabs of text), guidelines for your image style, and your logo if you have one.

Your Brand Style Guide (BSG) should be carefully chosen to reinforce and project your brand ‘mood’ – whether that’s funky coolness, or cool sophisticated tech, or sophisticated sexiness (yes, of course there’s a bunch of subtleties!). Your BSG is something that you can (and should) use every time you need to make a new graphic for your sidebar, for your social media, to sign your business email with, for your business cards, and every other little thing.

2. Brand Voice

What words do you use when you write about your product, when you write about yourself, and your vision?

You know from experience that you speak to your children differently than how you speak to your boss, or your elderly aunt. Your audience are no different – you need to have a clear understanding of who they are and what their problem is (the one that you can solve) when you’re writing any of the copy for your website.

Keep your written ‘voice’ consistent, by keeping them in mind every time you write something.


3. About You

Whether you’re a solo business owner or a team, people connect to people, and people love to see faces – so show yours! Ensure the ‘mood’ of your photo fits with your overall brand mood, whether that’s polished, or completely informal.

Super important to remember is that your About page is actually about your audience, not you!

Your readers want to know that you understand their exact problem, and that you can help them solve it. So, talk about your vision, and what change you want to see in the world. Your audience has got questions too – that’s why they’re there.

Your audience and customers want to know:

  • if you’re a big company or small;
  • is it just you, or are there other people involved?
  • how long have you been in business?
  • where are you based?
  • what are your core values?
  • why should they buy from you and not from your competitor?

And whatever you write, your brand ‘mood’ should be your guide, so be as down to earth or as quirky as your brand suggests.

There are of course many more components that go into making a standout website, but get these things right, and you’re a long way towards your goal.

Go on, make your corner of the world beautiful.


7 more ways you can strengthen your brand on your website

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